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The Miracles of Reiki in My Life

Article by Chanchal Gupta

Reiki is a proven miraculous healing practice. I came across this wonderful healing energy at a point in my life where I was searching for a real master for myself. I visited many institutions, many masters, religious places but no one could feed my soul. These all could have given me peace, but it would have been only temporary. As my soul urge was not to question my mind but to unveil myself, to know myself, to know my existence. At the appropriate time, I got introduced to Reiki for the first time by my master, Ma’am Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal.

The day I got attuned to the divine Reiki light, I still remember the hotness of my hands; they were burning and afterward the whole hand skin wear off. It was a wonderful experience! It was only a two-day course but those two days felt like two years. That inner desire to know myself was nourished through that particular day of my attunement. Each of those 42 days of practice was unique for me, every practice gave me a new experience and knowledge. In these 42 days, I read the journal provided via the course three times and every time I could get a deeper knowledge from the same book as my level of understanding the energy was upgrading through my daily practice. I could feel the energy in and around me; I was the same being and yet there were plenty of changes due to Reiki. The cleansing brought many emotional outbursts.

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Dealing with the society became a challenge for me. I could observe many changes around me. Everything was the same but my understanding of energy and its core changed; the same things were looking different to me. It made me conscious of the behavior patterns that were trapping and holding me back. My perspective and the way of perceiving people, society, situations were changed totally during my cleansing period. Life has become beautiful now. Visiting a doctor isn’t on my list anymore and it became history.

A touch can make me healthy and happy. Sending Reiki to others for their wellbeing is a divine miraculous feeling. Life has become so simple! For any physical problem I just place my hand there and the problem vanishes. Our intent can make us all connect to people; isn’t that lovely?! I love the way Reiki works, that pure, dignified, and intelligent energy, always doing good to me and others. Reiki was able to heal many of my normal physical dis-eases like knee pain, backache, 18 years old sciatica pain (it’s almost healed), warts, skin tag, cough, fever, small cuts, kitchen cooking burns and many other daily life wounds or injuries. The list is very long; I need to write a book to share the benefits of Reiki and show my gratitude towards its healing power.

The Miracles of Reiki In My Life

Image by EllenChan

Reiki has taught me to live in gratitude. Reiki has lead me to study Vedas. Hence helped me to know the real existence of Parmpita Parmaatma, Aatma, and Prakriti. Reiki has shown me the real me who is in love with all creations. Now the universe looks beautiful and more beautiful are all the creations within it.

Reiki has taught me to surrender to its healing power. You get the way, a platform is ready to work for you. It has taught me the principle of service before self. I love serving the whole. The healing session doesn’t only heal the healee but it also makes the healer a pure Reiki channel. This life force is in abundance all around. We are a conduit through which this life force flows knowingly or unknowingly, but when this flow is welcomed by us, it becomes Divine Reiki light resulting in healing at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Reiki profoundly changed my life. Its impact can be seen not only in me but also in the people related to me – some were brought closer to me and others were taken away. We can see the brightness of Reiki light in our lives. Not only I have experienced the wonderful lovely incidents brought on to me by the unconditional love of the universe but I also noticed them in other people’s lives as it is an intelligent energy and flows whenever required. Reiki taught me unconditional love with no if’s, but’s, how’s, don’ts, you, and me. It teaches Oneness. We all are the same soul, all living our karmas. Reiki gives a better perspective to life which makes you open-minded. I now really love to listen to people rather than making them listen to me; I respond not react. These are just some of the changes brought to my life by the Reiki healing meditations. For me, Reiki is:

R – Reassured health
– Energy booster for the body
– Intuitive level device
– Knowledge bank
– Intelligence (wisdom).

Reiki practice reassures the health. It always acts as an energy booster. Whenever we feel down, Reiki can boost it up within seconds. Our aura expands and cleanses after Reiki practice. The meditations rise our spirit hence providing its knowledge about ourselves, the divine power, and the universe.

For me, Reiki is the ultimate divine gift that I could get in this life.
Stay blessed ever!

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Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta (M.Sc.) is a Reiki Master. She is a science teacher and also Masters in Mathematics. These days she is practicing, exploring and trying to connect every aspect of Reiki with science. She is from Chandigarh and lives in Hoshiarpur (Panjab) with a family of :) :) :) :) . Reach Chanchal at Reiki Miracles do happen on Facebook.

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  • sreekanth k.g May 14, 2020, 6:38 am

    very nice article. love and light!
    thank you

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