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Your Own Reiki Retreat

Article by Carrie Anderson

How wonderful does the idea of taking a weekend retreat sound? Have you seen or heard about a Reiki retreat that sound like an ideal and idyllic way to spend a day or two? Have you ever wanted to attend a retreat, but for one reason or another have been unable to? What if you could have your own personal retreat without leaving your home?

I love taking time out on a weekend and treating it like a special Reiki Retreat. You don’t need hours on end. You can easily plan a few mini-you special events throughout the day and still have plenty of time for family or work obligations. Then, plan out what you would like to do on your DIY Reiki Retreat.

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First, do you want to focus your time on a lot of self-care or would you like to use this time to learn more about Reiki? Can you incorporate both and add in some sound healing and aromatherapy?

For your own personal retreat, some ideas would be to pretend that you are a client. Take time to pamper yourself. You can give yourself a Reiki treatment. If you like to use crystals then incorporate them. For your clients, do you use essential oils or music? Tailor your self-Reiki session to be just as exquisite as it would be if you were doing it for a client. Don’t rush it or do a shortened version. Take the same time that you would for another person.

Do you love long bubble baths? This would be a great time to soak and relax. Use candles, essential oils, and make it a peaceful time where you can lose yourself in the moment. Think of it as an exercise of mindfulness. You’re just there in the moment experiencing the warmth of the water, the scent of oils or lotions, watching the candles flicker, and perhaps listening to quiet music or soundscapes.

Your Own Reiki Retreat

Many retreats advertise additional services, like facials, yoga, or healthy eating. You can easily do these on your own for your retreat. There are recipes online for making your own facial scrubs and masks. Or you can use ones that you already have on hand. Again, turn this into more of a time for leisure, as though you were really on a retreat and focusing on yourself. There are countless recipes online for eating healthy foods that might be served at a retreat. Smoothies, salads, or soups. Or perhaps your retreat is a bit more indulgent and you would like chocolates, pastries, and wine. If you want to add some yoga then look on Youtube for a style that fits in with your day. Perhaps a gentle or restorative video.

Does your retreat have a focus on the educational, do you want to explore certain aspects of Reiki? Would you want to attend lectures and hear from other practitioners if you were on a retreat outside of your home? You can easily do the same at home. Find a Reiki book at your library or online. Reiki Rays have a wealth of information that you can easily access. Before your retreat, research what topics you might be more interested in reading about and then bookmark those pages. There are podcasts and videos on Reiki if you would like to listen to a guest speaker. Again, look at all the different options you have to choose a few and then create your own schedule of learning for the day of your retreat.

Take your time in planning. Choose a day where you can have time alone. Schedule out how you would like your own personal retreat to happen. Perhaps start with some reading or light breakfast. Move on to your own self Reiki session, then add in a video or podcast on Reiki. Next, you could make time for a gentle yoga class. Perhaps a relaxing bath would be a nice follow-up to yoga and then rounding out your day with some time to relax with a book on Reiki.

Hopefully, you have a relaxing, wonderful time on your personal retreat.

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Carrie Anderson
Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson has her Bachelor’s in Anthropology with a Minor in Women’s Studies. She is a Reiki Master with additional training in Grief Reiki, NOW Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Reiki Space Clearing, and Animal Reiki. Her focus is on Distance Reiki. She also has certifications in Teen Guided Meditation, Chakra Cleansing, Meditation Guide, Manifestation Practitioner, Energy Healing with Color and Art, Reflexology and Acupressure. Additionally, she is a Yoga Instructor with a focus on Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Carrie is a co-author with Mellisa Dormoy for the book, “Easy Mindfulness for Today’s Teens”. She is an active member of the Natural Healer Society and may be reached at caresreiki@gmail.com

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