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A Reiki Master Attunement Each Day For A Year – Discoveries

Article by Writeously

I’ve Been Giving Myself A Reiki Master Attunement Each Day For A Year So Far And Have Discovered…..

A profound amount of wisdom, discernment, innerstanding/overstanding of Spiritual mysteries, secrets and powers relating to Reiki as an art with powerful martial merits. Explained another way would be to say, Reiki is the yin, healing aspect to a yang, combat aspect counterpart. Or the Spiritual aspect to the physical aspect.

One reason why this may be true is because in my extensive ongoing Spirituality studies and research, I’ve found that in ancient Traditional Yoruba Spiritual sciences, which is one of the world’s first foundational Spiritual traditions, and original path of the old wisdom ways, Reiki has long served as an actual and literal warrior-healer nature practice. As a practitioner of a modern Spiritual transformational practice based upon Yoruba Spirituality I have come to realize that I must continue to research, develop and share how this works and how it will make sense as I continue to make giving myself a Reiki Master attunement each day part of my daily Spiritual practitionership along with a growing list of various consciousness raising rituals and ceremonial magick practices. What I am observing as I continue the advancement of this quest is a development and evolving of psychic abilities which continues an evolving of evolution in and of itself.

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A Reiki Master Attunement Each Day For A Year - Discoveries

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This makes the actual practice of Reiki more than performing a healing treatment session whether upon yourself or another person, a whole other type of practice altogether, which can best be described when reflected upon the practice of any martial art, and best referred to as a Spiritual martial art. Especially when combining the use of the sacred symbols for any of the many forms of psychic protection and energy clearings. If you take time every so often to consider the many implications of the sacred symbols, your mind will continue to open to many powerful revelations of the profoundness of Reiki as a Spiritual art and form of martial art and a practice to consider serious commitment to learning and mastering. As when I was younger I extremely enjoyed martial arts practice (Taekwondo and Judo) until I had to reluctantly stop due to a hit and run accident, leaving me seeking healing beyond the mainstream medical sources. Thankfully leading me to Spirituality and more importantly Yoruba Spirituality and then Reiki.

As I’ve Continued Giving Myself A Reiki Master Attunement Each Day For A Year So Far Discoveries Continue…..

Leaving one speechless when I say that Reiki is perhaps one of our most modern-day mystical marvels, which we have barely scratched the surface of seems rather, well I really don’t know how it seems because it would depend upon each individual’s own personal relationship and revelation of Reiki. And that relationship takes time and effort to nurture and the revelation takes you beyond time and space as an effortless construct of the activated imagination working in alignment and perfect cooperation with our higher self in developing your relationship.

What I’ll say instead is that Reiki is indeed our priceless quantitive resource beyond measure in this world of duality in which we live, and try and make sense of. The reasons for such a statement is because in this duality we are either on the verge of becoming well or becoming ill at any given moment. There is no middle ground and if there were Reiki would serve as the tipped balance towards what is well.

A Reiki Master Attunement Each Day For A Year - Discoveries

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As our progress along the wellness path is aided and abetted to our full advantage with Reiki, even giving a type of metaphysical diplomatic immunity of sorts especially when we can neither see nor feel this vantage point in any moments of moving in the direction of illness. And what may seem like slanted musings are actually straight-up truths when you consider health and what it is really worth to each and every person alive. Because do consider, that without one’s health nothing else matters in the grand scheme of living. When health is failing, everything or anything held in high esteem quickly depreciates in value of importance of our immediate undivided attentions and energies. As in the grander scheme of self-empowerment, your health is actually your only true wealth, instantly making Reiki as an easily accessible healing modality, even more than the above mentioned priceless quantitive resource, simply because it can be utilized at will instantly, conveniently and at your leisure personally and/or shared to assist with being at service for others just the same.

Take a moment and consider what or how many other things in your life hold this surreal type of value and at what cost. Plus do remember as an attuned Reiki practitioner at any level, that Reiki’s source is unlimited and freely given and available to give in the same manner.

If this is not the definition of mystical marvel, I’m not really sure what is. And please do tell if you discover one as relevant as Reiki.

Now as a Reiki teacher this is my passion and purpose, which I’ll continue to share in it’s and my own development, as I continue this Reiki sojourn throughout the rest of my life with great gratitude and zeal to unfold it mysteries and discoveries and continue to share.

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Writeously is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a shamanic practitioner, and an avid (Yoruba-inspired) Spiritual practitioner.  He shares powerful, daily astrologically-aligned, herbal magick/aromatherapy and also serves as functional wisdom. He makes it an integral part of his overall intentional daily continuous seeking/studies/practitionership.

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  • yehuda July 20, 2020, 3:53 am

    As a fellow Reiki Master of many traditions, I am curious how you gave yourself an attunement daily. Was this through self attunement, or was thi from an outside master? Thank you very much — I am very excitrd to try this practice myself.

  • Jayanthi August 26, 2020, 10:47 am

    Same doubts throng me,how do you do self attunements ?daily!

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