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7 Ways to Work Reiki into Your Day

Article by Sue Wang

Reiki focuses intentions and attention on where we want or need it. Since we have such a powerful ally to improve our daily lives, we should use it as often as possible. As a Reiki teacher, I let my students know that by the time they attain the Master level, Reiki should be a part of their everyday consciousness.

Here’s what I do with Reiki on a daily basis:

  1. Wake up in appreciation. I stay in bed for an extra 5 minutes to connect with guidance and send DKM to my home and the world, envisioning light enveloping all of us. I thank the Divine for another opportunity to create and improve.
  2. Stretch and move. My back can get stiff from sleeping unmoved like a mummy. On a yoga mat, I get grounded, ask for Archangel Michael’s protection, and turn on chakra clearing music. This MP3 goes from chakras one to seven, which is also excellent for Reiki work (my clients get so relaxed that they fall asleep). It can take over an hour. I find that when I send CKR to the first and second chakras, it’s enough to get my chi flowing. I reflect on these lower chakras as I do modified sit-ups, yoga poses, and planks.

    7 Ways to Work Reiki into Your Day

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  3. Lemon water. It’s an Ayurvedic remedy I learned from doing a cleanse. I liked it so much that I never stopped using it. Squeeze a half or one lemon into a 28+ oz jar, add ½ to 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and fill the jar with warm (not hot) water. Infuse the water with a Reiki symbol that calls to me this day. (i.e. SHK if I’m experiencing mental angst). After stretching, I drink the water first thing in the morning. It hydrates the body and clears the skin. It also gets the system inside moving.
  4. Envision the commute and office. When I commuted 40 miles each way to work, in my mind before I roll out of the garage, I picture my drive and send it HSZSN. I envision a warm light traveling in the path to work. It set an intention for a smooth and easy commute. Also, I visualize and send DKM to my office, colleagues, bosses, clients. To be more efficient, I got creative and included everyone in a big cloud of light.
  5. Reiki in our nourishment. Because I need to eat gluten-free, I appreciate any GF food that tastes wonderful and not saw-dusty. I befriended our local piemaker. When I raved about her products, she let me in on the secret: She put Reiki in her pies! So yes, infuse your meals with Reiki with the intention that it contributes to nutrition and joy.
  6. Give your plants love. Have you every hover your hands over plants or touch trees and feel a buzz? They are alive with chi. When I water our plants, I give them DKM and CKR and thank them for purifying and beautifying the world.
    7 Ways to Work Reiki into Your Day
  7. Day’s end clearing and blessing. Before bedtime, I sit quietly and ground. I invoke the violet flame, call up all four Reiki symbols in my palms and give Reiki to all seven chakras. I focus on HSZSN to release all unwanted attachments, angst, and cut cords from the day thus far. Then I ask for protection, light, and inspiration in my sleep and for the planet, sending all DKM. I also thank the Divine for a safe, warm place to rest, and having my loved ones near me.

The possibilities are endless for using Reiki principles to improve our lives and others’. What are your favorite things to do with Reiki?

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Sue Wang

Sue Wang

Sue Wang, Reiki Master, Career & Life Coach, became a Reiki teacher after experiencing miracles, relaxation, and new ways to empower the Self through Reiki. During her level 1 attunement, Sue’s intuition opened up to connect with a son who passed shortly after birth. She uses Reiki to promote healing and give insight on the mind-body connection. A seasoned coach, Sue has worked with high-achievers and those who want to live a resonant life in innovative ways. With a tool box including psychological astrology and journaling, Sue helps people champion their causes. Her book, MESSAGES from the Black Recliner: A Memoir of Healing the Body & Spirit, garnered praise from mental health and health care practitioners. Visit her at www.Connect2Self.com and www.Facebook.com/c2self for news on her eBooks and upcoming online course.

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  • Sue Wang March 3, 2019, 11:32 pm

    The MP3 I mentioned is Jonathan Goldman’s Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing music!

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