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10 Signs on Distinguishing Twin Flame from Other Relationships

Article by Charisma Phatak

After my previous article on Reiki Rays Twin Flames and Twin Flame Reiki, many had asked me to cite more differences between twin flames and other relationships.

Here, I have tried my best to list the differences, compiling various experiences, plus my channelling. I would request you to please honour the calling within for identifying your twin flame because none else can tell you better about your twin flame except you. Moreover, you can identify your twin flame, only when you know yourself first. Otherwise, if you aren’t fully aware of your own self, how will you recognize your twin flame, the other half of your soul?

Below is the list of 10 signs, choose the appropriate ones in each sign, and then tally with the explanations for better understanding.

Sign 1: When Eyes Met, you sensed excitement within “OR” stillness within?

Explanation: Generally, when you meet your twin flame, and when your eyes get locked – the entire world gets hypnotized, your entire being gets numb, heart is struck and your mind gets dissolved, just nothing, no thoughts, just ‘stillness’ it’s like everything is a “statue”.! And in that stillness, silence, kundalini energies are awakened, there is a dance of Soul within you and you feel some movement in your back of your spine for that moment – and that’s the twin flame. But, If you sense some butterflies in the stomach area coupled with excitement instead of stillness – then that denotes the soulmate or karmic relationship – because through stomach especially naval and sacral front region we have karmic cords.

Sign 2: Post your connection you experienced weird, unusual changes in life outside of you and roller coaster ride within you “OR” life outside of you was almost same as before though inside of you might be the flush of hormones?

Explanation: After twin flame meeting, because of Kundalini rising, sudden rise and change of body vibrations, very weird and unusual things begin to happen in your life and with your loved ones, who are connected with your aura, and you are taken aback with these sudden weird changes. Some of your clairs, intuitions, empathy, gut instincts, sensitivity are awakened or heightened (I have also realized after twin flame meeting, people hear more to silence within the other person than the words spoken by the other person), and that’s why there is a roller coaster ride within you, you cleanse yourself, you are awakened, your consciousness is expanded and with your wise approach, the world outside of you, changes for the better. So yes life changes for the ‘better’.

10 Signs on Distinguishing Twin Flame from Other Relationships

Sign 3: Hidden potential suppressed “OR” unleashed post the relationship?

Explanation: This is immediate symptom post twin flame connection – Unleashing hidden potential. Due to Kundalini awakening in twin flame connection, this will unlock some hidden creative, artistic potential like poems, painting etc, which otherwise gets suppressed due to duties and responsibilities in other relationships.

Sign 4: Your connection involved lots of coincidences and synchronicities “OR” Your connection just involved just couple of coincidences?

Explanation: This is the most important beautiful thing that will help you in identifying and recognizing your twin flame with ease and that is the ‘coincidences and synchronicities’. The connection of two halves of soul is so strong that soul gets adamant to connect plus the entire universe is also working behind the scenes to get them together through loved ones, Divine timing, people, soul mates etc. There is a remarkable telepathic communication between twin flames coupled with synchronicities of Divine guidance. It is like how the universe is gently answering your questions that are running in your mind regarding the connection through various people, media, angel numbers, coincidences and synchronicities.

Sign 5: Relationship follows almost a ‘stable’ pattern “OR” ‘Pull and Push’ Pattern?

Explanation: Again this is the most prominent point. There is no bidding adieu in twin flames relationship. There are strong massive forces in twin flames – Both the lower incarnated selves (in physical body) push each other while the higher selves (soul), pull each other. So, twin, flames would keep meeting again and again maybe for more than 3 to 4 times via coincidences (in different unusual ways – like mall, airports, etc), develop intense bond again and then part ways again if they are not thoroughly cleansed, which otherwise doesn’t happen in other relationships. Once you separate, very rarely you would coincidently meet, and if coincidently met, then very rarely you would develop intense bond again because of betrayal, hatred, hurts, guilts, traumas etc. Twin flames relationships are very pure with zero Karmas and come what may, they love each other, they can never hate each other and hence they keep building intense bond with each other within a short period, but the intense love penetrates deeper into the body cells, blood, veins, bones, and if they aren’t completely healed, it creates chaos within and forces them to separate to work on the self issues that surfaced during their meeting and then again meet again to discover other deep embedded issues of self to cleanse the soul, to purify themselves, until completely healed, then twin flames are united in physical planes. Typical pattern followed in twin flame relationships – strangers – batchmates – connection lost – best friends – connection lost – lovers – connection lost – soul companions….

Sign 6: Your connection lead to many important Life Transformational Learnings “OR” Not?

Explanation: The twin flame connection will expedite your spiritual maturity and transform you

  • Turned inwards – When you meet your twin flames, the energies direct you inwards, to love yourself. And in other relationships, the energies are directed outwards to love others.
  • Lead to spiritual awakening – You might not be even aware that your twin flame gentle touch woke you up to reality until one day you would suddenly realize that the other person transformed you. Yes, twin flame connection will definitely push both of them for realizing self, though the pace of spiritual advancements may differ between twin flames. The other relationships will help in accomplishing all your dreams, worldly pleasures and materialistic desires.
  • Detached & Aloneness – When you meet your twin flame your entire being gets so dissolved in Nectar of Love, that you crave for aloneness and that’s how you begin to get detached. Due to this twin flame, a magnetic force is developed within than outside of you and that’s how you love to be alone, feel complete within and are detached. You find aloneness the state of eternal bliss. In other relationships, you crave for peoples’ love, time, etc, Who complete you in materialistic, worldly pleasures.
  • Forgiveness & Unconditional Love – Yes in twin flame relationship, there is not only intense love but intense pain, hurts and attachment. Yet you will love your twin flame, your twin flame will love you despite all flaws making you fall in love with own self and that’s how one learns forgiveness, unconditional love. There is no space and room for hatred. But in other relationships, you still harbour some hurts, hatred, betrayal etc.
10 Signs on Distinguishing Twin Flame from Other Relationships

Sign 7: You still sometimes try to impress others “OR” you choose to be Real always post the connection?

Explanation: This point talks about behavioural attitude change within you. After twin flame meeting, you no longer believe in impressing others or exhibiting yourself. Because you allow your authentic self to shine brightly. However, prior to meeting your twin flame, you have that tendency to impress people around you, putting layers of fake individuality. I have realized that people who met their twin flames, avoid speaking lies. They inculcate very clear and polite self-expression. That’s simply because post the twin flame connection, they break the illusion and realize that nobody is perfect but everyone is unique.

Sign 8: Post the connection you felt you are a slave of Destiny “OR” Master of your life?

Explanation: – After twin flames meeting, you prefer to stand for yourself, because you break away from all webs of influences, all fears and insecurities ate dissolved in that Divine Connection. You are no longer a slave but you are now a Master of your own Life, co-creating your own destiny. You no longer look or expect for people’s support, and love. In karmic and other relationship you are still trapped in the influences of mind, beliefs, judgements, karmas, destiny and societal conditioning.

Sign 9: Just everyone, every single person loved seeing you together “OR” few people disliked seeing you both together?

Explanation: The entire world, cosmos is in awe of your Divine relationship, none comes in way of twin flames union, everyone loves twin flames together, and that’s how entire universe is working behind the scenes through loved ones, soul mates, karmic relationships to coincidently get you both together. None tries to separate this Divine sacred twin flame relationship, it’s only the twin flames choose to separate because of illusions that they aren’t perfect, unrealized soul potential, unfinished karmas, unaccomplished dreams, lack of self-awareness and love. But in other relationships, not everyone is in awe of your relationship, there is some evil eye, jealousy, expectations, hurts or fear etc.

Sign 10: You both have children “OR” Not – Despite excellent body fertility?

Explanation: You will never have children in twin flame relationship, because how can same soul create? Try answering this question on same logic as to how you can create and give birth with your own one single body? However, if Divine wills, twin flame merging, and amplification of energies (yes here twin flame merging is actually the amplification of energies just like 1+1=2, which is actually too high for our physical body to handle this amplified magnified energies if not cleansed at all levels of their being) bring in birth of new souls for expansion of cosmos and dimensions. In other relationships, you bring in existing souls to balance karmas or some soul mission. In other relationship, energies follow the law of equilibrium, the energies flow happens due to ‘differences of energies’ between you and the surroundings, so you would either feel drained or uplifted. No wonder, if one twin flame desires to experience parenthood biologically, then the twin flame don’t meet or marry on planetary (earthly) planes.

Conclusion – I would never emphasize on twin flame separation and twin flame union stages journey, because of the fact we are always united at soul level. Just like we can never see God, yet we are inseparable from Divine Creator, in a similar way, our first marriage, our first love is our twin flame, for twin flames share the same higher self, the soul. Twin flames are generally incarnated in different dimensions, different times, different spaces, just to serve Divine mission effectively, enjoy earthly life, experience soul in human body, explore individuality, understand love and pain, get the feel of materialistic desires, worldly pleasures and various relationships, especially parenthood. If you see this twin flame concept became widely known post world wars, when Earth faced massive destructions, and to restore the Planetary harmony and balance, it’s the intervention of Divine and many twin flames, spiritual gurus incarnated. Otherwise, there has to be a strong reason, for both twins flames to incarnate at same planet, same time that’s the Divine will. Moreover, It also doesn’t mean that you can never attain Moksha or undergo spiritual awakening unless you meet your twin flame. You see many enlightened spiritual Gurus attained Nirvana even though they didn’t meet their twin flame. Its just that they have that spiritual maturity, to regain connection with the Divinity within them, they realized that not only twin flame but entire cosmos resides in all of us!

Loads of Love and Light

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Charisma Phatak
Charisma Phatak

Charisma Phatak is an engineering graduate and a MBA from nationally acclaimed institutions. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer, with a long standing Reiki experience of 13 years. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Angel Reiki, Lavender Flame of Quan Yin, Wagle Reiki, Celtic Reiki, DNA Reiki, Magnified Healing, Imara Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Divine Light Ascension (DLA).
She, along with her sister Jhilmil Golande is the co-owner of “Supreme Reiki Centre” at Pune, India. Her life with Reiki has been like unlocking the door to unlimited happiness!! Find Charisma at https://facebook.com/supremereiki

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