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Why Healing Yourself Is Your Only Way of Healing the World

Article by Maria Mison

One of the most common ‘diseases’ from Reiki practitioners or healing types is that they tend to neglect the healing of themselves. They become the wounded healer trope who gives at the expense of themselves. As if burning a house was the way to give someone warmth.

Why heal oneself? And how does that heal the world?

A concept – We are all creators, we are all points of consciousness.

This is why they say we were made in the image of ‘god’. We create reality as beings of consciousness. We are not the mind, and we are not the body. We are the intangible thing that is beyond logical thought and tangible skin. If you’ve tried meditation you would have a visceral experience, and knowing of this as you can have completely no thoughts and no sensation of your body, and yet you’re still there.

You – are watching. You – are conscious. You – are the observer.
And you spontaneously create this fabric of life around you for every second of ‘reality’.

This is what phenomenology, metaphysics and quantum reality often speak of. You dream the dream awake. You as consciousness create the world around you spontaneously for every breathes and second of time. You “will” this world awake, subconsciously or not.

Why Healing Yourself Is Your Only Way of Healing the World

Another concept –  Duality and paradox exist. Yet we design our experiences.

My favorite example of this is the behavior of light. It is both a particle and a wave, two things that are in Newtonian physics, completely opposite behavior off of each other. And yet, depending on the experimental set-up can be one or another.

One of the most basic facets of life, light, showing paradoxical behavior.

This is why Viktor Frankl, in his famous account of being in the Holocaust, could say he felt entirely liberated and at peace, regardless of his surroundings. His consciousness was set up in a different experimental set-up, or like a radio that was tuned to a different frequency.

Some would dismiss this as placebo, or ‘positive self-help’. But how we interpret and observe through our sense organs, is the most basic act of consciousness. This is literally our “isness”. Our essence. This is how we create.

Which means – All souls create their own realities, and the only one you have true influence on is yourself.

Have you ever been close to another person and no matter what you did they kept doing behavior that was entirely unhealthy for themselves? Ever had Reiki clients that just didn’t want to be healed? No matter what you did, their back pain just kept coming back, their anger, their ugly projection-relationship patterns. You couldn’t break it, because they keep making it.

Because they’re souls and creators too.

The only place where you’re authority was actually Real, was yourself. Only yourself. This sounds lonely at first but actually, the only way to genuinely help another person is to show them ‘how it’s done’. This is what truth looks like, this is what alignment feels like. This is the energy of not choking my own soul and subconsciously they will learn from you.

Since all your clients are souls too, they’re fully capable of this if they choose to.

So how does this heal the world?

It heals your world. We live in multiple ‘realities’, by the mere fact of having a different consciousness. That is our great creative power. To see the world is broken is because you have been creating broken realities. There are beliefs in yourself that see the world as a victim and in needing of saving. How true is this?

As true as light being both a particle and a wave. So if paradoxes exist, which version of reality do you prefer to be in? What inside of you will you let heal and let go?

I can attest this is not an easy task. Self-analysis, awareness, or healing is like trying to write a story while breaking the fourth wall. It’s paradoxical, paradigm-shifting, you will stare self, truth, and shadows in the face until nothing is familiar anymore. Healing the world is an inside job.

As above so below, as within so without.

So if the only thing you do upon your Reiki attunement is to heal yourself, then you’ve done all the work that needs to be done.


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Maria Mison

Maria Mison

Maria Mison is a shaman and a dreamwalker from the Philippines; Reiki level two, and Seraphim Blueprint level four practitioner.
By day she is as a healing plant and mushroom lady at https://instagram.com/foursigmatic.ph/, an urban poverty fighter, and a dancer. Newbie tarot reader, all-around Lover. You can find her in wanwuspiritlibrary.com where she blogs about life and likes talking to literally everyone on the interwebs.

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  • sreekanth k.g October 11, 2018, 6:20 am

    true. thanks for your article. expecting more in future.
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  • Denise Crosby September 6, 2019, 11:21 pm

    Love this article thank you!!!

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