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Reiki Jewel

Article by Dhwani Parikh

I have traveled abroad for years since I was in my teen and stayed away from my family a lot for study, work and many more. I am the only kid for my parents and my adventures and dreams actually make my mother worry a lot. For that reason, she gave me a locket with mantra in it. So, when I want to go away from her she gave me one locket. This actually made me think that everyone can do this for the loved ones and I apply the same for my Reiki healing practice. Also, you can make this for yourself as a ring or bracelet or locket for yourself or your child.

In India, we wear a black thread in either the neck or leg and there is a belief that this thread keeps the negative energy away from the person. So, today we are going to use that with Reiki.

So, this is a simple process of making it.

  • Take a black thick thread (if possible take wool thread) and then take a locket whichever you like.
  • Take a paper and write all symbols that you are attuned with and fold the paper to the smallest that fits inside the locket.
  • Clean your hands properly with salt-water and remove any rings you have worn as they absorb energy and whatever absorbed before transfers to this. Now, hold this paper between your palms or you can put in the locket and hold the whole thing.
  • After that, you need to take deep breaths and start the Reiki flow.
  • Think that whatever energy you are giving to this locket is absorbed in it and conserved for future when you actually need it for protection and healing.
  • You can also make using beads that have symbols and can wear as a bracelet.
  • After the healing, you can close the locket and wear it and whenever you meditate or do healing, heal this locket too.
Reiki Jewel

Image by colourized

Another way to use this by making an ornament for a body part that requires constant healing. For example, if the person is suffering from Thyroid, it is worn in the neck or heart problem then a little longer thread is used. So, this resonates constant energy and heal that body part and at least save from the entering more negative energy.

Additionally, you can keep it on your table where you work or study and this energy protects you from all negativity. You can also put this in your wallet to heal your financials. The person who have problems with control on spending, can attach it with the purse’s zip so whenever you will open for something not important this energy will guide you.

Thank you for reading,
Lots of love and light,

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Dhwani Parikh
Dhwani Parikh

Founder & CEO of Race is Not Over, Astrologer, motivational speaker, counselor, pharmacist & Reiki Master Dhwani Parikh is the founder of "Race is Not Over" and a pharmacist by profession, attuned to master level Reiki. She has started her journey with Reiki nearly 14 years ago. She has given at least 4-6 Reiki healing sessions per week globally from these many years. She is an astrologer and gives remedies based on planetary positions combined with Reiki healing. She has an in-depth understanding of chakras, natural healing, energy healing, effect of planetary position on Reiki energy and healing. She has travelled across 18 countries. She is voracious reader and university topper in her studies. She has reduced 14+kgs of weight using Reiki and natural remedies. Also, consulted for weight management and healthy living successfully. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
You can reach Dhwani on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover/

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