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Be the Energy of Reiki Symbols

Article by Rekha Khatwani

Hello Beautiful People, thank you for reading the article on Reiki Rays. Today I am gonna share with you, a super and easy idea of using Reiki Symbols in tough situations. I got it as an answer to a question from the Universe.

In my Journey from Reiki Practitioner to a Reiki Teacher, I found myself many times in various tough situations e.g. Quarrel between two people where I need to send Reiki energy to get it sorted out. But I could not focus on Channeling. So I was used to asking the question “Is there any easy way to do this?” and as it is said, “Ask and You Shall Receive.” And One day I was meditating with Reiki Symbols and got this Idea.

So, whenever you find yourself in any situation, instead of thinking that the Reiki and its symbols are separate from you, why don’t you become the energy of Reiki Symbol just by intention and flow it in every direction.

Like in the above example, where there is a quarrel between two people, there is a need to invoke Emotional/Mental symbol to calm down the situation, how you can use this idea here-

  1. Shield and ground yourself.
  2. Invoke Reiki
  3. Set the Intention
  4. Imagine yourself filled up with SHK (Emotional /Mental Symbol) energies and flow it in every direction like the Sun spreads its light in all directions. And in few minutes you will see the difference.

    Be the Energy of Reiki Symbols

    Image by Waratharn

You may wonder how it is possible and how it works. Let me tell you.

How we find ourselves happy in the presence of small kids around us because they spread happiness. And we are doing the same thing, we are spreading healing energies in such situations.

Symbols to use in different situations-

  1. If you are a doctor, Be the energy of CKR and SHK while dealing with patients.
  2. Be the energy of SHK while talking to your loved ones in critical situations.
  3. Be the energy of SHK if you are a Mother when your kids are going for their Exams.
  4. Be the energy of CKR and SHK if any of your family members is depressed or ill.

These are the few examples; you can use this method in various situation. Imagine how kind, nurturing and compassionate it will be for them to BE with you.

Spread Happiness. Spread Love.
Stay Blessed.

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Rekha Khatwani
Rekha Khatwani

Rekha Khatwani has done MBA in Fashion Designing. She quitted these fields after getting the tremendous results of Reiki and decided to follow her life purpose to be a healer. Rekha is Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna® Reiki Master, Karmic Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grandmaster, Divine Light Ascension (DLA) Channel, Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Independent Bach Flower Therapist. She does healing with the help of Angels, Crystals, Prana Violet Healing Wand. Reiki is divine gift to her and she feels very lucky and special to be a Reiki channel.

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  • Mahadev M C June 28, 2017, 1:14 pm

    Won.!! Beautiful article you shared,thank you.

  • nisha August 16, 2017, 8:51 am

    I felt it is really peaceful and am feeling happy when I m doing this !!!
    But can you suggest some technique for sales professionals ????

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