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Journey with Reiki

Article by Avril Jeggo

How did Reiki find you? Was it something you always felt drawn to or did you find it through challenges that were occurring in your life! Either way, Reiki is a gift….we can take that gift and dedicate our life to its purpose or we can take its gift and slowly grow with its teachings. Learning what path to take is individual to our own journey.

Reiki has its own way of being….that way of being is different for us all….we all share the same fundamentals of Reiki….however, how we move forward with our practice and how we choose to incorporate this into our own way of being is very much a personal journey.

Learning to discover our own journey is where our teachings begin. If we never have the courage or the inner strength to start out on our own path then how we will know that our journey has begun?

Journey with Reiki

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If we never get to experience the things in life that are meant for us….how does this impact on our wellbeing? If we do not connect to our authentic self then what effect will this have on our physical and mental health? Living in accordance with our own teachings….learning to find the answers that we are seeking….being honest with our thoughts, this will bring us to a place of contentment. Content in the knowledge that all is well and all is as it should be.

Reiki gives us this understanding….it teaches us that in order to find fulfilment we first must find gratitude….finding gratitude in all of life….learning to love what we already are….learning to love our inner self, will give us courage, we will be more content….we will find peace with the world around us. How can we find answers to problems that we may be facing if we are at odds with our inner self? Learning to be still….learning to connect with the flow of energy that is all around us will connect us to our own unique Reiki journey.

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Avril Jeggo
Avril Jeggo

Avril Jeggo is an Equine Reiki Master, she grew up learning healing from her Grandmother. Avril has spent many years studying the energy that exits between humans and horses…working very much with this energy it has given her the understanding of how we all connect on a much greater level. Connecting very much with nature Avril is drawn to empowering people to find their own healing energy…to be able to tune into their own greatness, to feel the energy that exits between all living beings.

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