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Reiki in the Workplace

Article by Sudha Wadhwani

The corporate life is known for its hectic schedule, long hours, and burned out employees. The environment may be optimal for business but it is not optimal for soul nourishment. However, things are slowly changing, the recent trends in Human Resource show that companies want to care for their employee, and prevent early burnout so that the employee can stay in the organization of a longer period of time. One great strategy HR can opt for is having Reiki in the workplace.

The benefits of providing Reiki in the workplace are:

• Reduces stress and ailments
• Reduces absenteeism at work
• Enhances clarity of thought which leads to better decision making at work
• Enhances productivity by reducing mental and physical fatigue
• Promotes a positive environment

Reiki, in the corporate setting, can be administered in two ways:
  1. By giving in-person one-on-one sessions to employees via pre-booked appointments.
  2. Or, by conducting a session where Reiki administered through the Chi Ball Method to several people attending the session.

    Reiki in the Workplace

    Image by kalhh

To administer group Reiki, there are several techniques that can be used. One of the easier methods is the Chi Ball method. The way to conduct it is:

  1. In one big Chi Ball, you can imagine and intend to fill smaller Chi Balls – one for each person present.
  2. Insert the symbols as you are guided to, for each Chi Ball. (You can either activate the symbols prior to starting the session, or you can visualize them)
  3. You can then program it to start when: you say a certain phrase, at a particular time, or when the clients call for it.
  4. You can also embed the intention or program the Chi Ball to be embedded with the intention decided by the client.

This is one of the simpler methods I have come across to send Reiki to several people at one time. It can be programmed prior to the session or actually made during the session – however, you, as the practitioner, are comfortable.

I recently conducted a group Reiki session which turned out wonderfully. The employees were visibly relaxed and reported clarity of thought. After the session, they were asked to return to work. A change in the concentration and quality of work was observed by the management.

The best part is, it did not matter which department the employees were from, it still helped them with the quality of their work. Reiki in the workplace is slowly but surely gaining recognition!

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Sudha Wadhwani
Sudha Wadhwani

Sudha Wadhwani is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna®, Karmic and AcuReiki. Her journey with Reiki began in 2012 and she started practicing it professionally in 2016. She has worked with several cases of cancer, vision, immunity and physical pain. You can connect with her on www.facebook.com/swhealingnmore/ and on swhealingandmore@gmail.com.

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