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Reiki for Creativity

Article by Stephanie Drane

I am a spiritual artist and always channel Reiki into anything I create. I find Reiki helps me to be a clear channel for whatever is coming through for me to paint or create. It also infuses the piece of work with Reiki energy, adding another layer to the experience of interacting with that artwork. You do not have to be what is commonly considered ‘good at art’ to be creative. There are many ways to express yourself creatively and that creative expression can be a wonderful way of working through issues, clearing blocks, looking within, interacting with the world and being mindful. The process of being creative is a beautiful state to be in, it lets you open yourself up, encourages you to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoy the moment as well as being a new way to release and express. In my experience being creative helps me with self healing, exploring my inner landscape and releasing blocks, making me a clearer channel for Reiki as well as a happier, more balanced person.

As well as experiencing Reiki for healing, I find Reiki wonderful for stimulating creative energy, it flows through me, sparking inspiration and taking my intention, ideas and individuality with it into whatever project I am working on.

Here are a few tips and ideas for using Reiki with creativity

Open yourself to Reiki and creativity. Before you begin creating take a moment to ground and centre, go through any usual opening up and channelling routine that you may have and start channeling Reiki with an open mind about what you will create. State your intention for this Reiki; I say something like ‘I channel this Reiki with love and gratitude for the purpose of empowering my creativity’.

Intention is a huge part of Reiki and so is also an important aspect of using Reiki with creativity. Hold the intention that the Reiki helps you through the creative process, opening you up and allowing creativity to flow. You can also intend for the Reiki to be infused into the finished piece to radiate healing for many different purposes, e.g. to bring calm, to invigorate etc. You can decide the purpose of your creation before you start; if you want to focus on a particular issue, for example to release old emotions or heal a particular relationship. Or you can simply intend that Reiki helps you to open up and express, in which case, just start creating and see what comes up. Interpret the resulting images, flavours, scents, shapes, colours or sounds and any feelings you get during the process, using your intuition.

Reiki for creativity

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Let go of any ideas about what you want to create. It’s best not to have any preconceived goals about what you want your ‘finished piece’ to look like. Reiki for creativity is about the process of being creative, letting yourself go, allowing inner feelings to flow out and be expressed and opening yourself up to what needs to be channelled. Let go of any outcomes you may have imagined. In my experience what comes about during using Reiki with the creative process is so much more than I could have imagined, (not necessarily ‘better’ artwork but with more layers and messages and signs and symbols; it generally has more meaning and radiates energy that I couldn’t have envisaged).

You can create in so many different ways. If you have always thought of yourself as not being creative, think again! If you see creativity as stimulated by Reiki from outside of yourself you can take your perceived ability out of the equation and simply be open and allow it to happen. You can cook, bake, dance, sing, write, journal, draw, arrange natural objects, create crystal grids or mandalas, doodle, tell stories, collage, act, rearrange furniture, decorate a room, lay out an altar, display collections, mix essential oils or herbs, do adult colouring, scrapbooking, photography…. you can express yourself creatively in so many ways, and remember it’s the being creative that matters, not the resulting physical object (if there is one). All of these activities and so many more can be done whilst channelling Reiki.

Creativity can be fantastic for mindfulness. Be totally present while you work, focussing on the colours, shapes, textures and sounds. Use all of your senses to experience this creativity. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the present again.

Alternatively you can use the creative process to let your mind wander and go on an inner journey. Start by being mindful of the moment then be totally open to whatever comes next. Be aware of the thoughts that drift through your mind, and see what messages or inspiration comes.

The Reiki symbols can be a fantastic place to start if you struggle for inspiration. Simply choose a coloured pen, pencil, crayon or paint that feels right to you for the symbol you’re drawing (use your intuition), and start drawing the symbol on a piece of paper. Experiment with which colour looks right to you, make different sized symbols, write words that you associate with that symbol on the page, doodle other images that come to your mind. You could also use your finger, hand or whole arm (or foot and leg), to draw the symbol in the air, feel the body movements required, experiment with big movements and small movements. You could even put music on and turn this into dance, you could try holding ribbons or scarves to extend and exaggerate the movement. These can be a really good exercises for students to help them practice, learn and fully assimilate their understanding of the symbols into their being.

Whatever tools you are using, see them as an extension of yourself and visualise the Reiki flowing out of your hand and through the tool into your work. For example, if you are painting, channel the Reiki through your hand and the paint brush into the paint and onto the canvas, taking it’s healing energy and your intention with it.

Use symbolism if it helps you. For example, if you are working on releasing and letting go while creating a collage, you could visualise chords being cut every time you use the scissors to cut paper. Channeling Reiki whilst doing this empowers the process even more.

However you choose to create, try channeling Reiki while you do it. Reiki is such a beautiful energy to welcome in to our lives, letting it touch as many areas of our lives a possible can only be a good thing and for me brings a deeper, more rewarding experience.

Wishing you creative joy.

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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Artist in Suffolk, England. Stephanie’s mission is to provide her clients with a calm and serene space away from their busy lifestyles, where she encourages them to take control of their own wellbeing and to value and nurture themselves to bring about inner peace, balance, and happiness. As a Reiki Master Stephanie is thrilled to be able to teach and empower others: “It is so rewarding to watch people discover the positive power of Reiki and experience the benefits for themselves.” When Stephanie is not giving Reiki and other holistic treatments or enjoying time with her family and friends she recharges herself by swimming in rivers, walking barefoot outdoors and eating good food. Stephanie’s website is: www.angelichands.biz Check out Stephanie’s blog for her insights and wisdom on how to enjoy inner peace and a calmer life over at angelichands444.wordpress.com.

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