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Reiki and Nature

Article by Avril Jeggo

Reiki…is a way of connecting to the energy that is all around us…an energy that can be felt in all living things.

How do we enhance our Reiki practice?

For me, being outside and connecting with nature amongst other things is how I have learnt to develop my Reiki. Nature has given us this amazing gift…a gift of feeling part of a greater force…a greater meaning to our own being.

How then can nature help us in our practice…what lessons can we take from the wisdom of nature?

Studying the energy of horses has provided me with the opportunity to spend a large part of my life outside.

By releasing our need to control…to be at ease with ‘just being‘ is a powerful lesson.

Learning to synchronise to a world that is non-verbal…a world that is built on vibration is something that can help us. Learning to live in a way that brings us peace and offers us harmony in our lives is what will give us a more enriched life.

We need to stop and think of the actions that we sometimes take…learning to connect, to honour our environment will give us a more defined way of looking at our own lives.

Reiki and Nature

Image by josealbafotos

Sometimes as humans we can get so caught up in our own importance…We are not so superior…life lives all around us…By tuning into their very existence by having respect for all form of life from the trees to the running rivers we will see that what we bring as humans is not always that superior.

Nature teaches us that everything is connected…nature does not exist on her own… We as humans can sometimes struggle with separation, we feel isolated or alone…If we learn to connect to the world that is all around us, the energy…the vibrations of nature…we will feel a deep sense of purpose.

Next time you go outside really feel, smell, and see the beauty around you…feel the impact that this has on you, feel how this wants to impact on your very being…We are not meant to be separate from this wonderful world…Learning to have more gratitude and connection with nature and the animals that we choose to share our lives with will enhance our senses…which in turn will offer us a different kind of belonging.

Humans are not meant to live detached from nature we are all part of the same…the same universal energy.

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Avril Jeggo
Avril Jeggo

Avril Jeggo is an Equine Reiki Master, she grew up learning healing from her Grandmother. Avril has spent many years studying the energy that exits between humans and horses…working very much with this energy it has given her the understanding of how we all connect on a much greater level. Connecting very much with nature Avril is drawn to empowering people to find their own healing energy…to be able to tune into their own greatness, to feel the energy that exits between all living beings.

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