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Celtic Reiki: Drawing Energy from Nature

Drawing Energy from Nature through Celtic Reiki

The energy flow is from practitioner’s hand towards the person getting healing therapy. Reiki is conducted in the way of using life force energy, which is present in and around us. It can heal and establish in soul and body. Practitioners have entered into realizations and developed Reiki techniques for promoting the healing process. This version of drawing energy is known Reiki.

Celtic Reiki utilizes the energy flows present on Earth and specific living organisms. Reiki practitioners makes use of Universal Life energy present in every living thing in the world and also the natural forms of energy, which heals the people having dire need of getting a therapy. This Reiki system originated from the religious beliefs of early Celts. Trees are important aspects of their religion, which believe that trees have their own spirits. Even the patter driven writing system is based on the trees.

Celts’ Ogham is based on the ancient writing of Celtic people, which uses letters or symbols having cut as a series of notches. It mainly symbolizes different kinds of trees. There is representation of different kind of tree in each letter, which is mainly chosen according to attributes being linked to holistic concepts.

Image by Kr. B.

Some of the trees that are represented in the Celtic alphabet include silver fir, grove, ivy, hazel, heather, birch, willow, elder, yew, hawthorn, ash, oak, and honeysuckle. The practitioners of Celtic Reiki make use of the symbols originated from Ogham. Reiki also follows the Celtic philosophy of bravery, integrity, valor, honor and reverence.

Celtic reiki mainly draws influences from ancient Celtic religion and it is worth knowing that this particular practice is not holistic or religious. Rather, it is a therapy aiming at treating body, mind and soul. It is not connected to any religion and as such, can be passed on to every person, regardless of gender, age, race and culture.

Martyn Pentecost originated Celtic Reiki form and was further developed and promoted by Julie Norman. Celtic Reiki Practitioners view it as earthly and holistic form having its foundations on earthly associated energies. Reiki has to channelize the earthly vibrations, trees, ocean and plants through Root Chakras opposed to the Crown Chakra (conventional Reiki channels).

The techniques developed by Pentecost between the year 1998 and 2000 are used for aim and therapy creations. Celtic beliefs have intermixed concept of Celtic beliefs and original Reiki concepts. These Reiki techniques were originated to handle day to day activities, like handling issues related to finance, prosperity, work and building relationships.

People having interest in trees, plants and tree and plant legendaries, are often drawn towards Celtic reiki belief. It is seen that men in particular are drawn closer to the Celtic form of Reiki because it is believed by some people that Reiki energy is mainly masculine kind. In real sense, Celtic Reiki is regarded as an equal among the other kinds of Reiki forms.

Celtic Reiki treatment lasts mainly for an hourly time and involves placing the hands on various strategic locations and sequences, which elicit a deep relaxation form. The student achieving attunement at various levels are open up to natural energies, like plant and three energies, Celtic symbols, hand placements, phases of moon and experiences related to soul retrieval, realization and journey.

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