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Remembering Why Reiki

Article by Sierra Koch

Sometimes we stop doing our self-Reiki practice because we forget why we started in the first place. Perhaps we started so we could heal ourself, or maybe it was to help a loved one. Maybe, it was out of curiosity.

In this post I want you to think back on your reasons for starting your Reiki journey and lets get that flame going again if it’s been slowly going out.

Personally, I got attuned because it sounded interesting at the time. Then when I experienced Reiki for the first time it alleviated a lot of my anxiety issues and that was just from one Reiki share.

After the first Reiki experience I started to look into it further and decided that it was something I needed in my life. It was something for me to help calm my over thinking mind, release myself of stress and anxiety, and it didn’t hurt that I had physical proof that it worked.

You see, my mom, sister, and I were in a car accident in July 2012. No one was seriously injured, but mom ended up with a giant hematoma on her hand that would not go away. The doctors did everything they could and after months pretty much said this is for life. Fast forward to October and the day after our first Reiki share the hematoma was practically gone. Being a skeptic it was what I needed to know that Reiki worked.

Since being attuned my anxiety levels have dropped from through the roof to an occasional background whisper. Stress is almost not there any more. I’m more confident. I’m more accepting of change. And so much in my life has changed for the better because of my self-Reiki practice.

Did I know at the time that Reiki would be what I needed to help change my life? No, but I’m glad it found me!

My question for you: why did you get attuned to Reiki? Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write what comes to mind. Don’t think too much about it and just let the words flow. Don’t worry if you feel like you have a “silly” answer. Your answer is perfect the way it is! Perhaps write about why you may not practice self-Reiki anymore or what your self-Reiki practice looks like now.

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Sierra Koch
Sierra Koch

Sierra Koch is a Reiki Master Teacher whose passion in life is spreading the joy of Reiki. She shares her cheeky Reiki wisdom at her sacred spaces on the web Reiki Playground (reikiplayground.com) and Ignite Your Reiki Passion (igniteyourreikipassion.com). She invites you to learn how to play with your Reiki practice.

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