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How Are the New Currency Note for Rs.2000 in India and “Swachh Bharath” (Clean India) and Reiki Connected?

Article by Ranjini Rao

On 9th November 2016, India as a nation underwent a significant transformation in terms of demonetisation for 1000 and 500 rupee notes and currency refresh for 500 and new currency introduction for 2000 rupee notes.

On the whole, everyone’s figuring out the process for exchange and Reserve Bank of India, is putting all its efforts in regularising the operations and circulation of newly printed currency notes into the country through banks, ATM’s and other banking & financing institutions, to make it as seamless and least inconvenience to the Indian Citizen.

Having said that, today amongst the millions of Indians, to be a proud owner of the newly printed 2000 rupee note, I was just going through the design. Being a Reiki master and pursuing healing art forms like pebble painting, expressive art, being a spiritual seeker and a creative coach, I made a humble attempt to cite interesting observations and found it has a very profound meaning.

Rs. 2000 in India

Firstly I drew parallels and inspiration from the Five principles of Reiki established by Dr.Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki system of healing, had established that could be applied to the new mantra -“Swachh Bharath.”

Reiki is the Universal life-force energy that cleanses and purifies our system at all levels -spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Just for today, Do not anger.
Just for today, Do not worry.
Just for today, Earn a living honestly.
Just for today, count your blessings.
Just for today, learn to respect yourself, your parents, elders and treat all living beings with respect and dignity.

‘Swachh Bharath’ is a campaign launched by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, that focuses on purification and a clean India and that emphasizes on cleanliness and hygiene and sanitisation initiatives across urban and rural India.

Taj Mahal

Image by Dasagani

I take the humble opportunity to present my thoughts and point of view on the absolutely newly printed ₹2000 note in my hands and my interpretation of the colour and symbolism. Consider it as an esoteric interpretation and linkage to Reiki.

1. Mandala designs – Intricate designs of spiral mandala patterns on all 4 corners depicts infinity.
2. Sacred geometry designs on the front side with circles and dotted edges symbolises connectedness and oneness.
3. Flower, bird and elephant symbolism – An elephant symbolises fearless and depicts intelligence, wisdom and triumph. It is also one of the representation for Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles and victory.
Bird symbol symbolises freedom, to explore, curiosity. Flower Symbol symbolises beauty, purity, growth, fragrance, expression, innocence, serenity.
4. Symbols of progress – The solar heating system, satellite systems means the world outside earth is a limitless exploration and unlimited possibilities and leads to scientific discovery progress.
5. Swachh Bharat – Message to purify the country could mean across all dimensions not only weeding out corruption.
6. Colors – Association with Chakra Energy System – Pink, Lavender, Light crimson colour depicts happiness, beauty, spiritualism, oneness, calmness, unity, purity and imaginative qualities.
7. Mangalyan – Means auspicious and positive. Let us, as responsible citizens and custodian of this new currency note, in the new era with positive intentions, use money as a sacred exchange for goodness, progress and prosperity of the country. Money is only a means of exchange and cannot be weighed against collective spiritual wealth of knowledge and wisdom of this country – Bharath Mataa ( Beloved Mother Earth)
8. Mother Earth itself is going through purification, so with this intention, the Honourable prime minister Modi’s initiative to cleanse and purify Mother India, is just a gesture of alignment with the Universal phenomenon.
9. Father of our nation – Mahatma Gandhi remains a symbolic representation of divine virtues like Change and Transformation, Freedom, Fearlessness, Justice, Truth and Righteousness (Dharma).
10. Last but not the least, let us as proud Indians increase our self worth, self esteem and personal values and maintain integrity to treat money as goddess Laxmi and use it for good purpose, wealth creation through imparting education, creating employment opportunities through innovation and valuable services.

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Ranjini Rao
Ranjini Rao

Ranjini Rao is an independent wellness counselor, who imparts Reiki knowledge and other self-empowerment techniques to individuals looking for serving their life’s purpose and to unlock the potential of their mind. She coaches on mindfulness practices through NLP, meditation, and mandala art painting. Prior to this, she was serving as a Marketing strategy Consultant @ IBM Interactive Experience & Mobile, Global Delivery Services. She has served in several roles within IBM India over 15 years and has over 20+ years of Industry experience and her specialization is Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy coaching and consulting. Her personal experiences around Reiki have been life-changing and transformational in nature.
She has been a pious person and spiritually inclined soul since a young age. She was an intuitive channel since 1995 even before she realized it. She has been associated with various philanthropy community activities and developed her interests in holistic healing since 2008. She is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Certified Master, Certified Holistic Well-being Counsellor, TA101 Certified by ITAA, Angel therapy practitioner, Certified NLP practitioner, self-taught artist, and Silva Method Practitioner.

You can reach her at www.srishtivataarts.blogspot.com and on Twitter @iampositive2k, Facebook page Srishti Vataa Healing & Art Studio and by email to srishtivataarts@gmail.com.

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