Practicing Gyoshi-Ho


Article by Shailja Kapur

It is one of the japanese Reiki techniques of sending the loving Universal Life Force Energy through eyes. It is derived from the word Gyoshi which means to gaze and Ho means method or technique.

The idea came to me to write about this topic as one of my friends asked, “As Reiki is hand-on healing then how can you send Reiki through eyes?” It is so simple! When we do self healing our whole body radiates Reiki as it is filled with Divine Reiki Light. My family loves my Reiki hug. I just give them a Reiki hug with a great intention and it works. Hands, breath and eyes can be excellent channels.

In this technique attitude, facial expression, and energy behind the intention plays a significant role in healing. Interactive behaviour between the giver and receiver is very important in this method as there is a fine difference between gazing and staring. Therefore this technique involves gazing with defocused eyes.

Practicing Gyoshi-Ho
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How to Practice
  • Start with any ritual, preferred.
  • Invoke the Reiki.
  • Connect with the Distant Symbol to the person being healed. At this point I always say in my mind with deep feel that “God in me greets God in you.” I have noticed that this instantly develops soft compassionate feeling towards the person receiving Reiki.
  • With relaxed eyes bring your awareness to the Reiki flow; gaze softly, compassionately and send the energy visually by concentrating on an area which requires healing.
  • Use of the symbols purely depends on the healer’s choice. Depending on the power of your visualisation you can use coloured symbols and colours as well.
  • Think Reiki is flowing, radiating from your eyes and healing the area and filling it with divine love and light.
  • Visualise the area is being healed.
  • Seal and protect it with the Power Symbol or Master Symbol (if attuned).

Love is such a divine feeling in the world. Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, bonding in loving and compassionate way by soft and gentle gaze with good intentions give rise to the positive vibrations.

In summary, just think of Reiki, Reiki ON, send this loving divine energy with your relaxed eyes to anyone you wish by gazing in the compassionate way with defocused eyes. Visualise the area is being healed and seal and protect it with the Power Symbol or Master Symbol (if attuned).

Thanks to all the Divine eyes for reading this article.

Thanks to all my Gurus for their divine guidance and blessings.

Love and Light!

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Shailja KapurShailja Kapur is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer. She got passion for various Reiki practices and other healing modalities. She also practices Candle Healing, Distant Healing, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Magnified Healing, Yoga and Guided Meditation. She always felt a strong connection with Reiki. She had started practicing Reiki since her childhood without knowing what she used to do is called Reiki. As possibilities are endless with Reiki, her enthusiasm to experiment Reiki and share her experiences with the world. She believes self- purification, self-dedication and selflessness enhances your Reiki experiences. Shailja can be reached via her e-mail address


  1. Whenever I send reiki energy to someone, I can as if feel energy flowing from my eyes. I was not sure about it , but now after reading your article I feel it’s truly reiki energy. Many thanks for this article.

  2. Whenever I send reiki to someone, I can feel as if reiki is flowing from my eyes. Was not sure about it, but now after reading this , I feel it’s truly reiki energy flowing from my eyes. Many thanks for this article.

  3. Wow. I always had this question in mind that why only hands,why not eyes or sight! Reiki is universal life force..n legend has it. Energy can be transferred with sight. M excited to include this in my practice. Thanks so much. Love n light

  4. This is what some spiritual healers find themselves doing naturally. I have always thought Reiki is just the same as spiritual healing but with another name.

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