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Reiki Energy Walk

Article by Gregory Peters

Reiki has been described as a universal life energy that permeates the universe. It is always available, existing in all times and places. Through our attunements to Reiki levels I, II and Master, we learn to become expressions for this universal life energy, acting as clear conduits for this force to flow where it is needed and heal ourselves, others and the universe.

The Reiki symbols add to the focus of healing energy, adjusting and amplifying the vibration of the flow so that it works effectively and in exactly the right way. Similar to tuning in to a radio station, the Symbols tune the Reiki healing energy and focus it.

By working with both our chakras and those of clients, we bring an added level of energy to our Reiki healing work, allowing the healing flow to proceed unobstructed through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the body.

An excellent and immediately rewarding method to connect with Reiki energy and simultaneously flood the chakras with it, balancing the entire system is to take Reiki Energy Walks. This is an easy practice with enormous and far reaching benefits, bringing you directly in tune with the universe and directly experience the five elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.

Preferably find a place in nature where you can spend some time. This might be hiking trails, meadows or fields, a forest, secluded beaches or lakes, or even a community park would all work fine. Even walking in the midst of a busy city it is possible to attune this way, although you might have to work a little harder to find the signs of nature.

Reiki Energy Walk

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  1. Take a moment to clear your mind, with a deep cleansing breath. Inhale slowly and fully without straining. As you exhale, relax and feel any thoughts, concerns, distractions fading away. Breathe in again, and as you do so see your aura filling with radiant, white light. As you exhale, again feel all the tension fading away, as you connect with Reiki energy and feel it flowing freely into you.
  2. Visualize the Reiki symbols above your head and see them descend, one at a time into your head and then move down to your heart center, where they dissolve into radiant healing light.
  3. Now walk around in nature, being present to the experience of the elements all around you.


Feel the solidity of the earth beneath your feet. This is the same earth that has supported the feet of every being that has ever walked this planet. Every life has been played out right here. Feel the connection your body has to the rocks, soil, minerals and mountains.


Feel the breeze on your skin. This is the breath of the Earth itself, the same air that has been breathed by every single being on this planet. Feel the air caressing, carrying life, each breath integrating immediately into the moment. See the Sei He Ki symbol in the air, as radiant and all encompassing as the sky.


Become aware of the water in lakes, in the ocean, in the sky, underneath the earth, in wells and rivers and streams. The water in your body is also part of this. Feel the integration of yourself with all of the water on the Earth. If you are walking at night, feel how the light from the stars and the Moon feels almost liquid, silvery and cool and how it flows through your blood. See the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol, cool and majestic like a celestial ocean.


Feel the warmth of the Sun upon your skin, and think of the heat that is in the very core of the Earth itself. This heat is the same in the core of your body, the digestive force of nature, transforming food into energy for your body. This heat is also the very lifeforce itself, the same that has animated every living thing on this planet. See the Cho Ku Rei, bright and shining with power.


Open yourself to the present moment, feeling all of the elements and the energy of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the very Universe as One, all continuously present and manifesting, eternally co-creating and maintaining. This is the heart of Reiki energy, the essence of life itself, and of the healing power of Reiki. See the Dai Ko Myo symbol, vast as space itself, filling the Universe with Reiki energy.

As you continue your walk, be assured that the flow of the Universe is everywhere, and that you are a living expression of it. Allow the Universe to flow within you. There is no difference, no inner or outer – the All is exactly this. Light ever flowing, taking on forms, expressing life, changing and multiplying again, eternally.

The next time you sit for your Reiki self-healing, or for a session with a client, you can call upon the experience of your Reiki Energy Walk and immediately feel the flow of energy and vitality from the universe again, and share this energy effortlessly in your sessions.

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Gregory Peters
Gregory Peters

Gregory Peters is an Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher, Esoteric author and traveler. He has over 20 years of experience in Western and Eastern metaphysical systems, and enjoys traveling to sacred sites around the world, exploring spiritual practices from many cultures and traditions.
You can connect with him on Twitter @gpeters418 and Instagram www.instagram.com/ophidianvibrations

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