A Love Letter to Future Reiki Masters


Article by Luna Ashley

So you want to be a Reiki Master?

You’ve completed Reiki levels one and two. Your life has changed, drastically, I’m sure. You want to spread the good word of this healing modality and take your Reiki practice to the next level. Only one problem—you’ve been told you need to wait—and depending on the teacher, the wait may be anywhere from months to years.

I get it. I really do. The rush to talk to your teacher about when the next level is offered, counting down the months until you can get the next attunement, the need to finally, finally, be a Reiki Master. You’re ready. You’ve been ready. So bring on the new symbols, the new level of healing, and the new spiritual growth. Right?

Hold on a second.

First, let’s slow down, take a breath, and really look at what it means to be a Master of Reiki. So here’s what I consider my personal love letter to future Reiki Masters:

1. It’s okay to wait.

In life, I’m all for jumping in and taking the dive. We tend to want to immerse ourselves in what we love, breathe it in deeply, and spread the news to everyone. So why can’t you have the attunement now? You are assimilating Reiki into your life. The attunement anchored a new frequency into your body; you are now anchoring a new frequency into your life. Re-read that last sentence. This is mega work you are doing right now and it will take time—and that’s okay. Honor this sacred time.

You’re bravely changing the frequency of your life. Any change takes dedication, honesty with yourself, and compassion. You won’t be perfect. You will mess-up and have rough days. Your life is re-calibrating. The Universe is asking, “Are you sure you really want this?” Remember, practice Reiki everyday, go to as many Reiki shares as you can, and do the healing work. It will be worth it in the end.

Love Letter to Future Reiki Masters

2. Take a peek into the shadows.

An understanding of where you are energetically is critical. You should be able to comment about your energetic health. For example, “I constantly work on my root chakra because XYZ happened in my past” or “I have to ground excess energy after being around large groups.”

Daily self-reiki is the key to understanding your energetic body on a physical, emotional, and mental level. You’ve been given the tools to work with these aspects of yourself via the CKR, SHK, and HSZSN. At this point, being aware of the ghosts in your past is important too (i.e. healing from sexual abuse, an abusive mother/father, patterns of addictive behavior, etc). The Master level will bring up even greater healing for these aspects of yourself. Yes, traumas will rear their ugly heads to be healed on an even deeper level. Be prepared—the road isn’t easy—but the healing you receive is priceless.

3. Your life will drastically change.

If you follow astrology, I’m talking Saturn-return-type change. I’m talking people moving out of the country and coming back, ending long-term relationships, leaving a job of ten-plus years, or deciding you really do want to go study in that ashram in India.

I wish I were exaggerating. For some of you, it may not be that intense. But for others—buckle up—it’s about to get crazy. The Master attunement shakes life up, shifts it through a fine sieve, and dumps out what no longer serves you. You may have no clue which parts of your life aren’t serving your highest good. That’s why you have to be prepared for almost anything to be thrown out. Those traumas I mentioned earlier, they will rear their heads, demand to be felt, healed, and released. If you like to numb things (with substances, people, behaviors, etc.), get ready to feel like never before.

Light will descend down to where there was only darkness, illuminating the shadows. Corners of your soul you couldn’t even see, areas you had no clue needed healing, will crawl up from the depths and ask for you to sit with them, to heal them, to love them.

I don’t promise the healing will be easy, but the peace and love you receive will be worth it in the end.

Bright Blessings on your Reiki path, sisters and brothers.

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Ashley OrtizLuna is a trained hypnotherapist, Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master Teacher, chihuahua lover, and avid gemstone collector. She started her Reiki journey nearly five years ago after a life-long struggle with epilepsy. After discovering the healing power of Reiki, she is living a quality of life that was unimaginable before. She empowers her clients to discover their own path to healing through self-transformation. She is the founder of The Sacred Way where she holds sacred space to teach and conduct healing sessions, using her clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities to give past life readings and messages from Spirit. A trained teacher, she specializes in distance learning, with a firm belief that distance should not be an obstacle to profound Reiki healing or a quality Reiki education. Find her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/luna.ashley333 or via email at thesacredway.stl@gmail.com. Visit her webpage to learn more about distance reiki training: www.thesacredway.net


  1. Great article! It is very difficult to convey what you wrote about. Even after experiencing some of this, I am so grateful Reiki energy is still with me for future healing.

  2. Thank you for the article. This past year has been the “ride of my life” since attunement but I am grateful and humbled by all that has shifted! I teared up reading this as I reflected on all that Reiki has brought to (and rid from) my life.

  3. HI Ashley, Appreciate your article. would like to bring to your notice that i was attuned to the master degree 5 years ago after a good gap of 10 years after 2nd degree.
    But as you mentioned, I don’t recollect any of the experience you mentioned. Does that mean that i am not attuned properly ? or is it that i was able to change without much resistance to observe ?

  4. Hi Ashley I couldn’t agree more with your word. After several years at Reiki level 2 I felt compelled to undergo Reiki master level. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional upheaval I went through as I was drawn to recovery my energy from every area of my life and still am. What has brought me stability and acts as a coping mechanism is ensuring I carry out Hatsurei ho every morning and night religiously. Love and light, Elizabeth

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