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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #55: Treating Restless Leg Syndrome with Reiki

Restless Legs Reiki

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Question by Moira:


I wish to find out how to treat someone with restless legs.

Thank you.

Answer by Angie Webster:

This is Angie Webster with Reiki Rays.

You have asked how to treat someone with restless leg syndrome. This would best be accomplished over the course of many sessions, preferably once a week. In the beginning, it is likely that the client will see an improvement in their sleep quality the night of the session and possibly the next night, but it will take some time for long term changes to take place.

For this condition, it is very important to treat the whole body, including the back and the spine. This condition has to do with the way that the energy signals are coursing through the body, so it is a really good idea to directly treat all areas, particularly the head, spine, abdomen, legs and feet. Be aware that the client may feel tingling or areas of over-stimulation during the treatment. Check in with them from time to time to see if the sensations are still tolerable and move on to a new position if they become uncomfortable.

For long term improvement of this condition, it is probably a good idea to receive treatment from another practitioner on a regular basis, even if you are attuned to Reiki yourself. This is true with most chronic conditions, as it gives you the opportunity to simply rest and receive. When it is a chronic condition that interferes with your ability to sleep and rest, it becomes even more important to your healing to allow another to assist you, in addition to you own self-healing work.

I hope this answer has been helpful to you. Thank you for your question.

Many blessings to you.

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