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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #53: Treating Restless Leg Syndrome with Reiki

Restless Leg Reiki

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Question by Moira:


I wish to find out how to treat someone with restless legs.

Thank you.

Answer by Ashwita Goel:


Thank you for your question.

Restless legs happen when a person has blockages in their legs. A lack of energy will also cause a lack of proper blood flow, and continuously shaking the legs will ensure a proper circulation in the legs.

Most people feel a strong discomfort where the energy blockages are, so before you start healing, request them to stop moving their legs for some time, and then ask them whether they feel any discomfort, and where. This will give you a specific location to work with.

As always, start with healing all the chakras in the front, as well as the back, and then bring your attention to the legs. Usually, people with restless legs have very weak root chakras as well, so you might want to focus on that.

Heal the thighs, knees, and calves in the front as well as back. If you’re sensitive, you could do a quick scan of the legs and see if you find any more energy blocks. If not, spend some time healing the spot where your client felt the discomfort.

End your healing with the feet, requesting Reiki to flow smoothly all the way from the root to the feet, and to remove all blockages in the way.

Once you are done healing, you could ask your client to keep their legs steady for a while and check if there is still any discomfort. If there is none, great. If the problem has been there for a while, it is possible that the area of discomfort will shift. This means that more sessions are required, and you can continue healing every once in a few days, until the problem fades out.

Good luck!


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