Homeopathic Touch with Reiki


The calm, gentle stimulus of homeopathic touch increases the body’s receptivity and sensitivity to Reiki. There’s an improved exchanged of energy between the area beting treated with the rest of the body. As a result, the injured area heals faster and more effectively.


Step 1: Gently place your hands on the area to be treated (usually in the aura, at about one hand distance from the body).

Step 2: Start the flow of Reiki.

White Touch
Image by foxypar4

Step 3: Make circular ans stroking movements across the affected area, in different directions. Keep the movements calm, gentle, and slow. Be guided by your intuition and capacity for understanding, rather than your mind, and use the Reiki Symbols as guided.

Step 4: Finally, move your hands away gradually from the surface of the body.

The time needed for this technique can be anywhere from 30 seconds and up, depending on the intensity of the treatment and the seriousness of the injury. Sometimes it’s better to do multiple shorter sessions (e.g. a few 5 minutes sessions with breaks in between), rather than a longer session. If you feel that the area no longer draws the energy, that’s probably a good sign to stop the treatment, at least for now.


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