Reiki, Attunements, Seeds, and Water


Dear Reiki friends, here’s an interesting parallel.

Getting attuned to Reiki is like planting a seed. There is an immense growth potential from the seed. A big tree could grow, bearing many good fruits for our benefit. But, the seed is not the tree.

In order for the seed to become the fruit bearing tree, we have to water it. And the water it needs is practice. Every time we practice Reiki, we’re watering the seed, and it grows just a little.

Just like any seed, it’s important to water it daily in the beginning, so that it can grow strong roots and get off to a good start. As the tree gets stronger, there’s no big deal if we don’t water it for a day or two – but in the beginning, it can be quite a setback.

Image by ^@^ina (Irina Patrascu)

An interesting thing that happens is that, as we start tasting from the fruit of Reiki (after the tree has grown a bit), we can easily see what a good thing it is, and watering the tree daily becomes a very pleasurable activity, an activity we look forward to. Yes, some people look forward to it from the beginning, but others need more… persuading :).

A difference between seeds and Reiki is that, with a seed, if it starts growing a bit, and then it gets no water, it will die. That’s not the case with Reiki attunements. We can start it even after years of not practicing, and it’s still as good as new :).


  1. I got attuned just yesterday and strated parcticing right away. in some cases i see it working, in othders I dont. is it beacuse i need more time to practice before i see immediate results?

    • I think that even after decades of practice, Reiki will still work at its own pace. Immediate results will show in some situations, and in others it will take longer.

      We could also say that it is always working immediately, but its effects aren’t always visible right away 🙂

      Congrats on your attunement, and best of luck in your Reiki journey.

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