Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #1: Should I Feel a Tingling, or Heat, or Cold, when Channeling Reiki Healing Energy?


Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #1: Should I feel a tingling, or heat, or cold, when channeling Reiki healing energy?

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Question by Bev Greenwood:


I’ve been attuned to my Level 2 Reiki and at the time of my second attunement, my Reiki Master at one point said that she could feel when the Reiki started to flow. She felt a tingling in the palms of her hands.

I’ve never got this feeling and I’m not sure if I should, or how do I know that I’ve got Reiki coming through. I’d be interested to hear what you say. Thank you.

Answer by Kathi Rancourt:

Greetings and Namaste, Bev.

You asked if you’re not sure if you should feel tingling, like your Reiki Master said she feels. I also heard you wondering how you can be sure that Reiki is coming through.

All of us as practitioners have varying experiences when using healing Reiki energy. While I may see images in my mind, you might not. While you might feel heat, or cold, or tingling, another practitioner may not have any sensation at all. Some of us see colors, or even feel or sense colors rather than feeling tingling that your Reiki Master describes. In short, we all feel, see, hear, or sense something different when channeling Reiki energy to our clients. Some of us might simply go on faith, that since we’ve been attuned by our Reiki Master, the Reiki is activated and is working through us.

After being attuned, the best thing one can do for himself or herself is to practice, practice, practice. Use Reiki healing energy on everyone and everything: plants, cars, animals, situations, etc. I like to use the Cho Ku Rei symbol on food or drink that I’m going to ingest as well.

There aren’t any hard or fast rules when using Reiki, and as I said, we all have varying experiences and sensations when using it. There are no should or should not’s. I like to say don’t “should” all over yourself. Just allow yourself to be, whilst using the healing energy, and be assured that the healing energy is flowing through you and the Universe is supporting you in every session and every time that you call upon the Reiki Grandmasters, Reiki Angels, and Reiki Spirits.

Remember that it’s your intention that matters, and not your experience or the sensations. Simply believe without expectations.

I hope I answered your question Bev. Sending you divine Reiki blessings!


  1. That’s the same question I were going to ask. Ya know, about what should we feel during attunement. I’l be honest with you and I hope I’m wrong. I received my Reiki attunements and lessons from a place that works by donations. I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe it just me, but I don’t feel anything anything. And when I try to help my family members and who give me permission to work on them. I don’t seem do very good. It there a reason that Reiki will work better for some people than others. Isn’t it suppose to work on everyone? I keep hearing that it’s suppose to work everyone

  2. Hi dear I am a Reiki master and I would like to know how to open the 3rd eye .any just suggestion .i tried to many different meditaion and I am still trying . Thank you love and light rita ❤️

    • Hi Rita,
      I’m also searching for the same. I’m also doing meditation with OM. but it requires to do everyday on regular base. Other then this I’m also finding a different way to activate my 3rd eye or AJNA CHAKRA.

      God Bless You

      Thank you

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