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Aura Cleansing with Reiki

Article by Rasikaapriti (Rasikaa)

Aura is the energy field surrounding any object or person. This energy field is created by the energy centers of the body known as the chakras. The energy field is strengthened when we give Reiki to ourselves or others. Aura Cleansing is the way of removing the negative debris/energy from one’s aura.

Aura Cleansing with Reiki

Image by Dingzeyu Li

Follow the procedure below:

  1. Cover all the mirrors in the room where you will perform the aura cleansing.
  2. Make the partner sit on a chair/stool without wearing any metal (except gold and silver)
  3. Request them to close their eyes and relax.
  4. Place a bowl of water with rock salt in it. On your left side. (bowl should be transparent glass/plastic)
  5. Attitude of Gratitude. Stand in front of your partner.
  6. Draw the symbols on their Crown chakra. Give Reiki on the Crown chakra for some time. (let your intuition guide you)
  7. Move your hands from shoulder to feet opening knots of the aura to open the aura for cleansing. (2 times)
  8. Move your hand at the aura level from shoulder to legs simultaneously chanting SHK. Visualize you are taking away all the negativities from the aura and dust it into the bowl. Do this 3 times.
  9. Give a loving touch at the aura level and seal back the aura. Simultaneously chanting all the symbols.
  10. Move to the back of the partner from the right side and repeat steps 6-9 with the exception that cleansing is done till the seat and not feet.
  11. Come to front from your right side. At a distance give Reiki to the Heart chakra.
  12. Visualize white light from your palms. With 2 fingers of your right hand draw 3 circles of white light around the person. Looking at the 3rd eye of the partner draw all the symbols with the white light covering head to toe.
  13. Send Reiki for sometimes, throw the water in basin or flush it. Ask the client to slowly come back to consciousness.

Note: You (even your clothes) should not touch the client at any time during the process. Place a big mat below the chair or table to facilitate easy walk around the partner.

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Rasikaapriti (Rasikaa)

Rasikaapriti (Rasikaa)

Rasikaa has explored a wide area of professions from being a trainer in programming languages, communication skills teacher and also a part-time writer, and graphic designer along with being a Reiki GrandMaster while always desiring to be a personal counselor to help people come out of their emotional disturbances and live a life of Love and Gratitude. She is able to fulfill this dream through NLP, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Reiki and so many beautiful modalities like Tarot reading, Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing etc… Her students and clients specially come again requesting for a guided meditation besides other Reiki sessions. With every learning, she has witnessed beautiful shifts in her life and now runs a center “Healing Corner” for Inspiring Conscious Living along with her husband with a humble wishes to share them with as many as she can.

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  • Aimee January 27, 2020, 10:36 pm

    Why can’t the person wear any metal? My bf has a metal nose ring which won’t come out.. it is not silver

  • Anirudhs June 2, 2020, 5:18 pm

    Nice thing u tell

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