Q&A: How Does Reiki Flow?


This one is especially for non-practitioners, but also for those who’ve been attuned but don’t practice much. The question is:

How does the Reiki healing energy flow?

It enters the body through the Crown Chakra,  and from there:

Image by enor
  • during hands-on treatment it is usually beamed out through the palms.
  • it also goes throughout the whole body of the practitioner, when meditating and enabling the Reiki flow for example.
  • it can also be beamed out through the third eye chakra, e.g. when looking at someone behind a door at a hospital.
  • advanced practitioners can beam it through the chakras of their feet as well. Usui Sensei is said to have been lying down in an X position on the field to heal more wounded people. Some practitioners feel Reiki entering through their feet chakras in addition to the crown chakra. Use Cho Ku Rei to increase the flow if needed.
  • advanced practitioners also beam it out through the heart chakra, or even other chakras.
  • when sending distance healing through space and/or time, it forms a “wormhole” and instantly travels from you to the patient or the situation to bring healing.


  1. Wow that is really neat to know. I had wondered in the past if feet or brow work as I’ve had that feeling before. Interesting story: I was riding a bus and felt uneasy so I began drawing energy and invoked sei he ki… then I felt energy leave my foot, travel along the floor of the bus and into someone sitting behind the driver. We caught eyes seemingly simultaneously and then they suddenly jumped to life, saw their stop up next and got off the bus. This obviously wasn’t something I’d intended to do, perhaps I was a bit unfoccussed on my task, but then Reiki does have an intelligence all its own.

    • Hi Erin, I would describe that as an automatic ‘turn on’ of the energy. I’ve been a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Seichim Reki) for more than a decade. Soon after my first and second attunement to traditional Reiki(both done at the same time) I began to realize the energy of Reiki automatically flowing. Whenever this happened I went ahead and let it flow until it was done. Also, with some people I have met over the internet, Reiki automatically turns on while we are just chatting =)

      • I feel that sometimes my energy got turn on automatically, This happens recently when i visited my uncle who was admitted in hospital due to cancer in a serious condition.

  2. 1 I am feeling a little confused by this article. Why have I been taught to close my crown and 3rd eye chakras before giving a reiki healing?
    Am I not blocking the flow by doing this?
    Thank you

    • Hey Laura, not sure why your Master has taught you this way, but maybe they had their reasons. I’d get in touch with them and ask about this.

      • THank you for your reply to my question. After more searching on the internet I found an article suggesting it is to protect the practitioner from negativity. I am fairly new to reiki and I still have a lot to learn but it doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t feel I can ask my master as it feels like I am questioning their knowledge. I don’t know if it is related to closing the chakras but after a healing session I am very drained and can easily sleep for a couple of hours, as you can imagine this is very undesirable and is making me consider giving up reiki.

        • Hi Laura, I would be curious to know your Reiki master’s reasons for this too…. Since most of the Reiki enters the practitioners body via the crown chakra I believe it to be more beneficial to keep it open so that the flow of Reiki is continuous. I was taught that there is no need to fear when giving Reiki as you are only channeling universal energy – NOT giving your own energy as with some other modalities. Giving your own energy could leave you feeling drained and potentially may transfer negativity between practitioner and recipient, this should not usually occur if you are channeling Reiki correctly. Alternatively, your symptoms could be a temporary side effect of your own healing process? As practitioners receive healing too at the same time as giving. Make sure both you and client drink plenty of water and ground yourself well afterwards. I am not a Reiki master ( haven’t felt the need yet) but have been practicing a long time now, level 2 Reiki Jin Kei Do and level 1 Budho- Ennersense. I hope this helps 🙂

        • The first time I gave a reiki session to a relative who was having personal problems caused me to be tired also. My Reiki Master said it was because I let my sympathy & emotions get in the way. The next time I was calm & stayed neutral and I was energized instead of tired. Yours in light…

          • the drained feeling could be a result of you not channeling enough universal energy and draining your own supply. True part of the training is to protect yourself. Your Reiki Master should not mind questions. There is never a stupid question.

        • I really feel you have either misunderstood, or been misinformed. After each and every Reiki session, every practitioner or master I know feels a real buzz with energy. I feel that if you are closing your crown chakra you will not be letting the universal lifeforce flow threw you. This would lead to the drained feeling.

        • Hi Laura,

          Crown Chakra is the major opening for reiki energy to enter. Unlike other energy healing Systems Reiki got methods to get protection from energy exchanges and negativity. Here everything is limited only to your imagination/visualisation, that’s why reiki is called as god’s gift to common man.

          You can use methods like “Crystal Pyramid” or “Glove” method before starting a healing session and additionally you can use power symbol for protection.

  3. My reiki flow often turns on at will, I will feel it around my lips and my feet. Sometimes I will get a headache in the third eye when I try to focus energy there. Most recently i am getting strange vibration in my left arm and leg. Anyone else experience.?

  4. I also feel the energy through my feet and rising upwards it seems to turn on whenever I go with the flow I sometimes feel the energy going up my spine… love it

  5. I have my 3rd degree in White Light Reiki. I have been practicing Reiki for 5 yrs. now. About 6 months ago something new has been occurring. When I am working on a certain chakra I will start yawning uncontrollably. Tears stream down my face but I am not crying. Someone told me that this shows there is a blockage and the energy is being released through me. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

  6. Hi everyone..! I m reiki 2nd degree healer…i always feel reiki energy flow first thru crown chakra n then on palm n feet…it is very enerzing…can nt be felt like drained or tired…love n light to all of you…

  7. Victoria
    Your experience is awesome….may be you got healed of previous lifetime wound…as we all are immortal..! Love

  8. Hi… I have been attuned but never got a chance to practice daily… I wanna heal one of my situation can u please help what can i.do. Thanks. xx

  9. Hi I am reiki 1 and 2 and i have been practising on me and others for the last 3 years, and I was wondering if I would like to open a reiki practice do I need to be a Master or can i do it at my level? Many thanks for your help.

    Have a lovely day

  10. I am a Shamballa Reiki master for 2 years, I always protect myself before a treatment, not just the room I always protect my self and my client with a large chok ku rei, and I also leave a glass of water out to absorb negative enery then throw it away. The tired feeling is from not being protected. Sometimes I even put on pretend gloves.

  11. I have been a Reiki Master for about 10 years. Since I completed my second degree I have experience the flow of energy through my feet, hands and third eye. I have also experienced on many occasions during a healing the release of tears that are not mine. I presumed it was the client’s and they couldn’t release it so it was released through me. It always amazes me to see the pain/stress leave a clients face during a healing.

  12. Hi I wanted to share that when I start meditating Reiki energy starts flowing through my hands. Reiki flows even when I am expressing my humble gratitude. It is quite normal that tears starts rolling down during the session. It is indicative of emotional blockages being cleared of the recipient of Reiki.

  13. Hi does anyone experience a strong push of energy from chakras? Intuitively comes across as expansion or giving away dysfunction of that chakra.
    Also a sinking spongy feel of hands going through a person, would be interested in your experience. I’m a level 2 reiki since completing the course in Aug 2013.

  14. Hello Reiki Rays

    I really like the articles and the information which is shared here. I am thankful to all those who take their precious time out to share such lovely tips and are contributing to the growth of Reiki fraternity.
    I would just like to request Reiki Rays to kindly answer the queries of the readers which many a times go unnoticed.
    Thank You again !!

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