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Reiki – Natural and Holistic Treatment for Everyone!

Reiki is a form of energy healing that using life forces. This therapy can transfer life energy to a patient, which in turn, increases the healing capacity, promotes positive energy and attitude, and brings well being to the patient. This is a technique for natural healing and is not associated with religion, sex, caste and other humanly diversions. The concepts are associated with natural forces of life.

Get Stress Free with Reiki

One of the aims of Reiki is to lessen the effects of stress in a person. It also aims to release the tension of the whole body to promote recovery, healing and overall wellness. With this treatment, there is promotion in achievement of the balanced body, mind and soul. It makes use of natural forces of life, channelized to in-built healing mechanism of a person to promote wellness.

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Reiki Treatment in Health centers

There are many hospitals and healthcare institutions, which have been using Reiki treatment in promoting healing and recovery for their patients. Reiki has proven to be safe and effective way for treatment of body and mind. There are many patients aware about the its positive impacts and request to have a practitioner, while being admitted in hospital.

There was a study conducted in 1988 (yes, that’s a long time ago), wherein patients where provided Reiki treatment before and after surgery for 15 minutes. There were more than 870 patients who were subjected to this study and the results proved that it is an effective and balancing treatment. There were fewer pain medications administered, shorter recovery time required for the patients and self-confidence of the patients was significantly improved. This was published in the article by Patricia and Kristin Aladydy titled ‘Using Reiki to Support Surgical Patients’ in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality.

The healing capacity of the Reiki treatment truly is remarkable as it does not only heal the ailment and its symptoms, but promotes overall mental and physical health of the patients to improve their quality of life.

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