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Reiki – A Technique for Improving Overall Health

Reiki is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction. The concept of Reiki was discovered in Japan, but presently, it is widely being used in all parts of world. This technique promotes healing process and decreases stress level of a person. This technique is based on the concept that there is unseen life force, in the form of energy, which flows through us and are a reason for our life. There is a tendency to feel sick, depressed or stressful with lowering of this life force energy. However, with highness in life force energy, there is a scope of getting wellness and balanced health.

Whenever this life force energy is low, there is a great tendency for you to become sick or feel stressed. On the other hand, if the life force energy is high, there is a tendency that happiness and health and wellness is achieved.

Reiki uses Life Force Energy Balancing

Reiki is considered as a way of treatment using the forces, which flow through the body and the surroundings. This technique treats the person on whole: From body to soul. Reiki treatment can enable you to feel relaxed, peaceful, secured and confident from inside.

The natural and simplified way of spiritual healing offered can touch your life deeply. It can improve your condition in the case of diseases or ailments. This technique also works well with the combination of other healing techniques; medical or therapeutic.

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Attunement in Reiki

The ability to use Reiki is passed by the Master to his or her Student during the phase called Attunement. It gives the student an ability to tap into a limitless supply of life force energy to improve health and quality of life. The study of Reiki is not limited to a person’s intellectual or perhaps, spiritual development. It can be taught and learnt by everyone, irrespective of their level of thinking or understanding. It is not religion biased and has spiritual mode.

There are many studies conducted in past and researches are even made today to determine working of Reiki. For example, a study conducted at Harborview Medical Center determined that Reiki can ease chronic muscle pain condition. The participants felt more relaxed after the procedure. The practical cases of Reiki have illustrated many benefits of the treatment.

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