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Reiki Healing Process

How does Reiki help in Healing?

Our life moves due to the Chi Energy (Life Force Energy) flowing through all of us. The pathway of flow of life force energy is through chakras, nadis and meridians. It moves around us in an energy field, named ‘Aura’. This energy is capable of nourishing cells and organs of the body, and of course, supporting its main functions. Any blockage or disruption in life force energy can cause malfunctioning of your body’s tissues and organs.

Life force energy gives responsiveness to thoughts, ideas and feelings in a body. However, it becomes indifferent on getting through negative phase. It affects the functioning of organs and cells of our physical being.

What Reiki does?

Reiki can heal a patient by flowing through affected body parts and converting the negativity into positive energy. It enhances the level of vibration of energy field, which has accumulation of negative thoughts in it. This can cause the negative energy to get out of the body. This procedure involves clearing of pathways and healing the energy to get its natural and healthy flow.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle, but powerful way of treatment. It has helped people having different sort of illnesses and developed a long way to even correct the injuries involving problems, such as heart diseases, high BP, skin problems and even cancerous symptoms in body. The treatment is used with other modes of medication to make a patient better. It is a beneficial therapy and helps in improving effectiveness of other forms of therapies. The spiritual mode of treatment is always apprehended and it makes positive vibrations to flow through your body.

Reiki can be self-attained or performed by masters on your body. It is recommended to undergo a Reiki session with full perfection as it will leave the desired impacts on the body, only if the procedure is followed in a right way. Reiki can improve medical treatment results by reducing side effects of medication and helping a patient to eliminate pain through positive inductions in their body.

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Who requires Reiki Treatment?

  • You need to treat yourself before giving Reiki treatment to anyone.
  • Treat your family members and friends, so that you may practice Reiki skills and exchange the positive vibrations in the atmosphere around you.
  • Reiki is an intent-based system. If anyone asks you for Reiki information or requests for a treatment, you should be willing to give them the same.
  • Don’t say anything about your healing ability and let people feel the changes they are feeling in their personality due to Reiki.
  • Don’t impose your clients or anyone to get a treatment from you. They will get the desired results only if they are whole heartedly willing to get the treatment.
  • It is appropriate to do Reiki for a person, who is already getting treatment for some ailment in a healthcare center.
  • Babies, toddlers and even fetus in womb can get Reiki treatments without any risk.
  • Reiki rebalances your body and hence, if you are taking some meditation, it is essential to ask your practitioner about whether Reiki can be linked to it or not.
  • Patients undergoing any surgical procedure can be comforted by Reiki. Post and pre treatment can be beneficial for patients undergoing surgical procedures.
  • Animals and plants can also get positive impacts of Reiki. Universal life energy flows through them and hence, Reiki works excellently for all living beings.
  • If you are treating others with Reiki, you will get healed at the same time.

Reiki is an add-on healing process and being a practitioner, you need to be very particular about deciding who to treat and all the treatments to be included in the treatment session.

How to do Reiki Treatment?

It is most important to create a comfortable environment for yourself and the person willing to take Reiki treatment. You can set up an area to be used for treatment of your client or associated people. The place will also get charged by impact of Reiki and give a better healing experience to people. You need to wear comfortable clothes, such that you don’t feel uncomfortable in giving or taking Reiki treatment. Your client’s clothing should not be too loose or too tight. Although, the practitioner will not touch client’s body (apart from requirement in some cases), but clothing should be appropriate, so that it doesn’t hamper the attention of Reiki master. Distance healing process can also be done, but it can be done by experienced Reiki Masters.

Reiki doesn’t require direct contact with the skin and it can also be done to the patients in shallow sleeping condition. You can wash your hands with soap to begin the treatment as it will give you a hygienic feeling. Some patients feel cold with Reiki treatment and they should be made comfortable by giving a blanket during treatment. Force of gravity also plays a role in Reiki treatment and client should lie down effortlessly to restrict any hurdles caused by gravitational pull. Some people use pillow during treatment and others may not. It is not necessary to give treatment in a lay down position, as some practitioners are comfortable to give the treatment by making their client sit on a chair. Don’t neglect the comfort of the person undergoing treatment as it will be most impactful to get the treatment through a well-equipped Reiki session.

Reiki might not give immediate results. A person might feel a bit uncomfortable in first or second treatment, but gradually, they will start feeling balanced due to eventual treatment results. Reiki acclaims that the disease need to the stage from where it actually begun. There would be longer period required for healing with the level of ailment in a person. If entrusted, Reiki can rejuvenate and revitalize the body effectually. Every organ has to be given a good Reiki treatment to get best healing. Simultaneous treatments on body organs are beneficial for patients.

Conclusion of Reiki

Treatment through Reiki can be done in one or multiple sessions. However, some people get tremendous improvement in first session only. They might feel better than before by getting in energy spirals of the body. The effect of Reiki on body is permanent and you can get better results by continuing the treatment on regular basis.

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