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Losing Weight with Reiki

As we all know, Reiki is about balancing the unseen life force energy that presents in all of us to heal ourselves. This natural balance can be used to promote better health and to gain other physical and psychological benefits including weight loss.

You may be wondering why following even different diet plans and undergoing different treatments are not effective for weight loss. Many people spend a lot of time in finding different ways to lose weight, but most often fail to achieve their goals.

Root Causes of Excess Weight

One of the reasons why most people find it hard to get desired results out of diet plans and other treatments is showing negligence towards root causes responsible for being overweight. Weight gain is not only because you eat food, but in most cases, people gain weight due to stress, anxiety, and even by absorbing negativity around them at their energy level. Energy blockages within body are also responsible for excess weight.

Weight Lose Reiki

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How Reiki is Effective?

Reiki can help because it can clear all energy blockages and balances the energy levels within body relieving stress and anxiety. A good diet plan with proper Reiki treatment can help anyone in losing weight in much quick time than they ever expected.

Different Reiki treatments can help a person from the beginning till the end of a dieting phase

  • As Reiki is an effective technique to break the cycle of addiction, it can help in discouraging unhealthy eating habits and to suppress the hunger.
  • It can help people in choosing healthier foods and creating an effective diet plan for them.
  • Reiki treatment can help you in strengthening your will power, a necessity to follow a strict diet plan.
  • It can also help your internal organs to work better with food like digestive system and other body organs that process food.
  • Reiki can make you more aware of your real nutrition needs and to distinguish between what is necessary and what is excess.
  • It can keep a person motivated and focused at times when a person is feeling strained due to following a tough diet plan.

Reiki Treatment for Weight Loss

Even though there are number of different treatments that can be effective for weight loss, we will discuss one common and easy technique that can assist people in losing weight.

1.       Your Intentions and Reiki. Think about your intentions, take a paper and write your name and your intention that is losing weight, in such a way that it brings joy and serves the highest good of all involved. Now, infuse it with healing energy by yourself or ask a practitioner to do so. Now, whenever eating something, make sure to keep the paper in your hands for few seconds before taking your meal.

2.       Clear your Emotional Chakras to Release Negative Energy. In most cases, size is a result of absorbing negative energies from others. A good solution is to direct Reiki energy to your solar plexus chakra as this chakra often gets blocked when receiving negative energies.

3.       Empower Your Blocked Chakras. Make sure to use Reiki to empower all your blocked chakras again. You can use different Reiki techniques to empower your chakras. Going through a Reiki treatment can also help your body to release all the unwanted toxins form the body, a great start for following a dieting plan.

Reiki might just turn into your ultimate solution for weight loss :), but before following any diet plan, please consult a doctor. And of course make sure to discuss with your Reiki Master / Teacher in case you experience any discomfort, and seek professional medical help.

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  • Reiki helps restore balance and being balanced helps maintain normal functioning. It

    provides deep relaxation and offers the body the life force energy where it is needed

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