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Economics vs Reiki (or Adam Smith vs Mikao Usui)

Here’s an interesting comparison between two ways to look at the world, the resources we have available, and our human needs. One is taught in standard school, the other in the Reiki school. Even though they seem contradictory, both are valid, and people can, and have, built entire systems based on each of these paradigms.

Adam Smith (18th century), author of the Wealth of Nations, is considered to be the Father of the Political Economy science as we know it today (although the more popular name is simply economics). Among the principles he identified as the foundation of this science, and all the mathematics behind it, was the principle of limited resources and unlimited needs. The actual wording might differ, but basically, this principle states that:

Resources are limited, therefore scarce. Needs are unlimited and abundant. We must learn to use the scarce resources wisely, and the political economy is the science that helps us do it. We may never fulfill all our needs.

About a hundred years later, in the 19th century, Mikao Usui discovers (or rediscovers) Reiki.

Economics vs Reiki

Economics vs Reiki (Download PDF)

He learns, and then teaches, that there is an unlimited amount of energy available for us to tap into, and that we don’t really need that much to fulfill our needs, once we start raising our vibration to the love / acceptance / peace levels. In other words, he states that:

Resources are unlimited, since energy is unlimited and abundant. Our needs are limited and we can totally fulfill them if we channel our energy wisely.

Bottom line is, reality can be viewed through many lenses. Both lenses are valid, but one is limiting and based in fear, the other is empowering and based in love. It’s up to us to choose the lens we want to view life through, and the way we go through life.

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