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Distance Reiki Healing based on Human Energy Field

Reiki deals with holistic treatment and its teachings are based on the fact that we are much more than our physical bodies. Our body’s energy depends on our energy field (aura), chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy pathways). Our physical body requires food for nourishment and in the similar mode; our energy body requires positive vibrations.

The energy vibrates at different frequencies in our body, depending on our emotions, thoughts and spiritual notes. These vibrations create energetic field around them, which is commonly called Aura. Aura is center of information of body and has the function of transmission and retrieval of messages from environment. It can also help in energy transmission from internal or external sources of environment.

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The energy field is distributed in layers and each energy layer is different with its variable functioning. This energy field can be scanned with hands or even touch of the body. The first layer called the Etheric Field is the first layer and is about 1-2 inches from the body surface. In fact, it is the energy replica of physical body structure.

The emotional field comprises of the area where feelings or emotional are experienced. It is about 1-3 inches beyond the physical body. Mental field has association of mental processes and thoughts and can be sensed about 4-8 inches from the body area. Spiritual or Holistic field comprises of four or more layers, which can help in association with the spiritual being or higher dimensions. It can get activated with prayer or meditation.


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Distant Reiki Session Using Energy Fields (Four Levels of Being)

  • The first step will move with empowerment of hands and chakras by making use of Usui Power Symbol. This step is necessary for about 15 minutes and you can give yourself Reiki to warm up the session.
  • Visualize the distant healing symbol and name it 3-5 times. You can also visualize the person for whom you want to send Reiki treatment. You can send Reiki to each level for about 15-20 minutes, depending on your level of concentration and need of person taking it.
  • If you want to send Reiki to physical level of a person, start imagining that the energy enters the Crown Chakra of the person who wants it. It slowly gets into the body to fill up the gap. With movement of Reiki to the whole body, all body parts of the person will be engulfed in Reiki. The energy will radiate from their physical being and in fact, they will get a glow of healing energy levels.
  • Send Reiki to emotional being of a person to maintain a physical and emotional balance. Fill their minds with peace, love, contentment, joy and well being. You will be able to imagine that physical body glow will extend out to the emotional levels of the person.
  • Send Reiki to mental being of the person to keep their thoughts clear. Imagine that thoughts are flowing easily and simple solutions are coming for the problems. Reiki can fill up and extend into the mental level of the person taking it.
  • Send Reiki to Spiritual being, which is the holistic level filling up the spirit and soul of a person. It is a golden energy having direct linkage to higher dominions. Reiki energy reconnects the divine energy with a person and reignites the flame having intense energy glow. Spiritual energy can extend out beyond all levels and makes a person rich from inside.

The above are mere guidelines, most of all you should be open and follow your own intuition when treating yourself or others.

Before sending Reiki, you can have conversation with the person anticipating to get it. It is feasible to address each level by asking several queries before the session, like how do they feel; or any sort of pain or distress they have in body. Similarly, for emotional prospect, you can ask about their state of mind and about the things making them worried, sad or happy inside. You can ask about their mental state by knowing about the things going on in their mind. Finally, for spiritual level, you can ask them about how their spirit feels and do they feel importance of their life granted by the Almighty.

Before beginning the process to send Reiki, you can ask the person to entrust it fully and allow Reiki Energy to heal all levels of being (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual). You can also ask them to open their minds to receive the healing energy. Send Reiki for 10-20 minutes for each level and see the difference they get into their lives.

Once the session is over, resting would be recommended for the patient. You can visualize power symbol over them to seal the impacts of session. Kenyoku (Dry bathing) is necessary to disconnect them from the energy field. Reiki Master will do self-Reiki for a few minutes for self-cleaning. You can call up or discuss with your patients after a few minutes to get their experiences with your distance healing therapy.

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