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Preparations before Getting Reiki Attunement

Even though there are no severe side effects of Reiki attunement, when energy chakras are cleansed and toxins are removed from the body, some people may suffer from emotional anger and overwhelming tiredness. To get the best desired positive results from a Reiki attunement, it is better to go into a session all prepared. Remember, Reiki is a holistic healing so it is perfectly normal that all three divine parts of a human responds to Reiki, i.e. physical body, soul and mind. So the best thing before going into an attunement session is to purify you by going through a process of cleansing.

This article will give general guidelines about the preparation process before attunement, but it is best to check with your Reiki master as they may have some special advice. Preparing before an attunement can get you a better experience, but the attunement will still work if you go unprepared.


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How to Prepare for Reiki Attunement?

1.       Restricted Food. The best practice is to prepare your body and mind 3 days before your scheduled Reiki attunement session. Try to remove fish, meat and poultry from your daily diet. Another good option is to do colon cleansing at least 7 days before your attunement. Minimize the use of sugar and chocolate in your daily diet.

2.       Restricted Drinks. Stop drinking alcohol or any other intake of drugs. Minimize, and if possible, stop taking caffeine drinks like coffee. Stop or reduce your smoking at least for three days. A good option is to fast one day prior to your attunement, with only juice and water. If fasting is not an option for you, try to eat organic food. As the attunement is going to remove toxins from the body, drink lot of water prior to the session to assist your body in removing toxins from body easily.

3.       Feel the Nature. You also need emotional strength before going into Reiki session as your chakras are going to realign. The best way for keeping up good emotional health is to feel the nature around you and relax. Go to a park with lot of trees and grass. Breath slowly especially in the early morning at any place with lot of trees and natural environment. Stop thinking about anything else and just observe your natural surroundings.

4.       Emotional Cleansing. If you are suffering from emotional disorders like anger, guilt, hatred or unnecessary worry, your emotional condition may resist against Reiki healing. It is important for better results to go into the attunement session with a clear mind. A good state of spiritual and mental health can assist you in becoming a good receiver of energy. Create a list of reasons for your emotional blockage in advance. After creating a list, deal with the each reason separately to clear that particular emotional blockage. Ahead of your session, give some alone time to yourself and think about all the emotional disorders that you think are hurting you. Let them resurface in your mind to assist Reiki healing to clear all your emotional blockages easily.

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