Chakra Cheat Sheet


There’s a lot to be said about chakras, and we’ve published quite a bit of information on this topic here on Reiki Rays.

To keep things as simple as possible, we created this “cheat sheet”, which contains the most important information about each chakra.

It should also allow you to “self-diagnose” 🙂 your chakras, and see which one needs healing.

Click the image below for full size. For the printable PDF version, see the link at the end of the article.

Chakra Cheat Sheet
Chakra Cheat Sheet – click image for full size

To download this as a PDF chart, right click here and choose Save Link As… (depending on your browser, it might be called Save target as…Save as…, or something similar).

License: You may print an unlimited number of copies of the Chakra Cheat Sheet PDF document. You may use the document in a commercial setting, and you may distribute the document, as long as it remains intact and this license notice is included. You may not modify the document in any way.

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  1. I have really enjoyed everything you have so generously shared with us all. I pass on your information to my daughter even though she is a Reiki Master and she loves to receive my e mails about your articles :). Love and light

  2. I want to thank you for everything you have shared and still are sharing with us so generously. Even though I have been working with Reiki myself for a couple of years now, I still learn so much from you. Thank you for that!
    Sending you love, light and blessings.

  3. Hello, How can one find out if Reiki still flows after 2 weeks of non practice.. Somehow, I feel it is not consistent. Sometimes I feel it and sometimes I dont..

    • You do not need to feel the flow of Reiki… My husband also says that he can’t but it works when ever he he gives me healing. An if it does feel at times only is due to the fact that Reiki healing will flow only when required…. the very reason why we call it intelligent .

    • I was taught that once attuned to reiki it you would be able to always use it even if you don,t use it for years. As for feeling it if you are not in the right frame of mind or feel off in any way then do not do it.

  4. I printed and read this all in one day and just want to express my appreciation for the generosity of sharing this information with us. I look forward to reviewing your website and future information on Reiki. Thanks again!

    • i believe i am blessed to be able to meet a friend who happened to be my Reiki master.
      i was attuned only on the first level and unfortunately after resigning i wasn’t able to practice Reiki again even the meditating level only…
      but my heart always remembers it all the time.
      and now that i have the time and chance to study it again and practice it….. i am very grateful for all the information you shared in this site… it really helped me.

      thank you very much with all my heart. <3

      blessings to you all!!!

  5. Dear Merryl ALMAIZ
    Would you please be panic or hesitating. Every problem can be solve inside REIKI itself. Yes I can help you. First the knowlege you’ve get from the first atteunment are still your profits. Did you forget the way of detoxification exercises? Or have you olrady applied them for 21 day on your body before? İn shortly what is your main goal to achive from first level reiki?

    Would you send me your recent fhotograph directly to my mail adress? This last item may be strange for you. But it is necessary for me to work with you, while some distance work of reiki (as you become second degree of reiki you will also work with distance symbol).

    I’m a master of both classical Usui and Karuna reiki. Would you.
    I am Waiting on.
    Mustafa Ali CAGDAS

  6. Hi, I am so impressed with you site and your generosity in sharing information. You are truly healers wanting to make a real difference in this world. Thank you and may the angels bless you forever.

  7. I have a question here
    Two days back when I was consulting this page before a healing session for somebody, I realised that the boy has problems related to both the under active and over active chakras. Is it possible?

  8. I don’t even know what to say… I am so grateful I have found Reiki and now I’m learning,,,,,and I love it and I feel wonderful and happy….
    Thank you so so much for so many free informations…I’m open to what universe prepared for me 🙂
    Lots of love

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