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Growing Acceptance of Reiki with Allopathic Treatments

The advancement of times is making multidimensional healing practices more acceptable by people. There are spiritual therapeutic practices being implemented with allopathic and other forms of medications. Reiki is being practiced along with allopathic medications or post-surgical procedures to carry forward a speedy recovery.

Surveys also depict that more than 15% American Hospitals have started providing Reiki healing to their patients. Hospitals are leading with pre-surgical and post-surgical procedures to initiate Reiki healing measures for patients in these hospitals. Reiki healing mainly include services for surgical patients, neonatal healthcare and maternity sections.

Reiki: Complementary Therapy

Reiki is used as an alternative therapy for improving the condition of patients, along with other forms of treatments and medications. Hospitalization can be emotionally as well as physically stressful for patients. Reiki healing can involve transference of energy to ailing body. It can make a body better by improving the status of mind and body. These improvements can encourage the practitioners to keep practicing. It can get better delivery practices by dealing with all areas in a systematic way.

Reiki can help neutralize side-effects of Allopathic Medication

A body prepared for Reiki can accept allopathic treatments in a better way. Reiki healing can help patients to get improvements in their body by increasing the ability of a body to heal by itself. The energy chakras are cleared from time to time, which makes it easy for positive energy to grow in the body. There are side effects associated with allopathic treatment and these can be overcome by Reiki energy implemented on the body.

Reiki can help healthcare workers to gain positive impacts from the therapy. The use of this art makes a better post-operative life for patients. It can also help in rehabilitative process in healthcare centers, and it can also do wonders with meditation process. Healthcare centers prefer Reiki for patients as well as their family members to get mental peace and optimism. It will in fact bring a feeling of harmony for the whole community.

Encourage Reiki

Reiki should be encouraged for patients taking any sort of treatments. It can also be used by the people having mental stresses or any sort of body or mind related problems. People can get wellness by adopting it with other therapeutic measures. It can in fact be a cost effective and beneficial way of dealing with spiritual healing of body and mind. It doesn’t have any sort of adverse effects and needs to be used in the best ways to reap benefits for your body and mind.

Reiki is being promoted in all parts of globe and you can get most out of your efforts by making it a part of your daily life. Even a healthy person can get benefits by giving 10 minutes from their schedule to Reiki.

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  • Susan Cleveland July 9, 2013, 6:36 am

    I am an RN and a Reiki master….would love to implement both in a hospital setting, but they are not receptive in my area.

  • BELINDA July 9, 2013, 5:28 pm

    I took REIKI I AND REIKI II and I have a client who wants me to cleanse all her chakras… I wonder how this is done… please, help! Thanks.

  • Paula K July 9, 2013, 7:13 pm

    Where can I take a Reiki class at? I am VERY interested!

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