[Infographic] 6 Steps to Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery


One of the most popular articles on our website is the one where Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta is presenting her own simple 6 steps method to perform psychic surgery.

This encouraged us to create an infographic. How to use it?

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6 Steps to Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery
6 Steps to Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery


Love and Light!


  1. I was about to request you to write an article about this topic as many teachers of Usui Reiki do not teach or discuss about this. Would you please also write about chord cutting sometime? I am eager to know how it is done, because it would help me to see some difficult relationships in my childhood as lessons and leave the resentment related to those people. Thankyou!

    • Don’t cut chords, you can damage your aura by cutting them. Just pull the chords instead and send them to a vortex of light to heal and go back to to where they came from.

  2. It is not a psychic surgery.
    Psychic surgery deals with the aura and its blockages.
    Healing is not a part of psychic surgery. Healing is require right after the surgery is done.
    In this so called psychic surgery, you only uses 2 symbols. Even in normal healing, I use at least four or five symbols.
    Last but not least, psychic surgery deals with much more intense level of energies hence, it can only be done via distance and it can’t be done without the master attunment.

    It can be a wonderful way(from many ways) of healing but not a psychic surgery in any way.
    The infograhic is not so informative but fancy. Did you received your attunment via distance without proper guidance?

  3. I send chords to the center of the earth where it gets recycled. Nothing is wasted in this universe. Wait u til you feel them grounding like a magnetic pull. The earth assists every healing. They dissolve when they reach the crystals which grow in the center of earth. No cutting involved. Om.

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