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Unleash the Power of Your Body & Mind with Reiki

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

One of the best blessings Reiki brings us is the ability to tune into our bodies. Regular practice of Reiki makes us sensitive to subtle changes in the flow of energy within our bodies. When we are in touch with our bodies, we will begin to sense when there is a disruption in the flow of energy within the body. With time, we will also be able to pinpoint the exact location where an imbalance in the flow of energy has occurred. As the level of our sensitivity deepens further, we will also learn to find the root cause for this disruption in energy flow.

This sensitivity to energy is useful in that it helps bring your awareness to areas in your life that need your attention. Let us take a few examples to understand this.

• As you become well attuned to your body, one of the first things that happens is that you naturally start making diet changes. You favour light, healthy foods to heavy, oily, high calorie foods and any other food with a dense vibration. This does not mean that you will never eat a piece of cake or relish an ice cream. It just means that you will learn to seek enjoyment in a piece of cake or a small cup of ice cream, rather than eat a whole big cake or dollops of ice cream. You start to relish every bite of food you eat and limit your intake of high calorie foods to maybe once a week, when in the past it was almost an everyday occurrence.

• You naturally begin to realise the importance of being physically active. Exercising no longer seems like a difficult task. Whether it is a walk in the park, a session of Yoga or a fun workout like aerobics, exercise will become an integral part of your life. Exercise dissolves any sluggishness or stress you may be carrying in your body and thereby improves the circulation of the life force in your being. When you have not exercised in a long time, you will be able to sense the heaviness in your energy fields and it will push you to move your body and exercise. In the past, you may have just overslept in order to overcome the sluggishness or got so used to feeling sluggish all the time that it hardly had any effect on you. But once you are in touch with your body, you will treasure it so much that you will not be okay with sleeping over sluggishness! You will get up and move around.

• Unhealthy and addictive habits such as smoking, drinking and drugs lose their appeal over time. You will love your body so much that you will not be able to tolerate any kind of abuse inflicted on it. Dropping addictive habits will be natural and effortless. However, this requires one to develop a deep spiritual connection with the body along with commitment to regular Reiki practice.

• You also become sensitive to subtle changes in your moods and emotions. Your body will begin to give you cues when the flow of energy is disrupted because you had an experience that triggered buried emotions and pain. For instance if you are someone who is overly concerned with the impression you make on others and you experience a moment when no one noticed you or something you did, your solar plexus may tighten up and you may begin to feel discomfort in the stomach area. This is your body’s way of prompting you to take notice. When you are in tune with your body, you will notice that the discomfort you are feeling in the stomach is associated with the feeling of not being acknowledged by others. The body continuously gives us clues and warnings when we are in touch with it. If we can work on the signals coming our way, we will benefit tremendously. As in the previous example of the solar plexus, you will know from the discomfort in you stomach that you need to stop worrying about whether you receive acknowledgement from others and that being who you are is more than enough. You will accept and love yourself as you are – flaws and everything! And it will not matter anymore if others acknowledge you or not.

The body is highly intelligent. Not only is it able to manage thousands of physiological functions, but it is also able to communicate with us. Regular Reiki practice makes us sensitive to the body’s cues and strengthens the line of communication we have with the body.

Mind, Healing Power and Intuitive Awareness

• Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Reiki also helps us make better use of our minds. The mind, which is highly interconnected with the body, begins to change its preferences. We become selective about the influences we have in our lives and also the kind of entertainment we invest our time in. We do not enjoy drama and sensationalism any more. We gradually lose the appeal we may have once held for the news and the media. We are more in favour of peace at all levels- individual, family and global- and a deep desire for peace begins to take birth in us. We may become selective about the kind of shows we watch on TV. Many people withdraw completely from television and switch it on only if a particular TV show resonates with their awakened level of being. We also begin to gossip less and spend more time focusing on our own growth and wishing peace and happiness for all.

Peaceful view

Image by conner395

• Being in touch with our bodies also helps tremendously during self healing. The more in tune we are with the body, the better we are able to scan the energy field and also pinpoint the exact location of energy disruption. This in turn helps us direct the flow of energy better and attain effective outcomes.

• Regular practice also deepens our intuitive capacities. A well developed intuition is highly beneficial to everyone who is in the healing field. It helps speed up healing and gives us wonderful clues with regard to blocks and problems.

Babies and young children are masters of being in touch with their bodies. As they grow up, they are subject to varied influences. As a result, they gradually lose this ability that came so naturally to them in childhood. That is the reason regular practice is a must for all of us who are adults today. We need to keep practising to remain in touch with our bodies.
Reiki brings thousands of blessings to our lives. One of them is this wonderful ability to get back in touch with our bodies. The body is alive and intelligent. If we can stay in touch with it, it will be our loyal companion and wise friend for life!

Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is also deeply connected with the angels, with Angel Healing being an integral part of her Reiki practice. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki and the light of the Angels. Haripriya offers courses in Reiki and Angel Healing as well as distance healing services. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya on her blog at lightworkersonearth.com, on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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  • Gemma May 11, 2014, 3:26 pm

    Wow! This is excatly what I’ve been experiencing over the last few months. I have consentrated on self healing recently and I’ve noticed little changes in what my body is telling me. With this new communication with my body I have notice that I pick up on more energy blocks when working with my clients. Thank you for confirming that the mind body connection is a powerful one.
    Reiki Blessings

    • Haripriya Suraj May 13, 2014, 6:22 am

      Dear Gemma,

      Glad to hear about your experience with this connection! Thanks for sharing.

      Love & Light

  • Debashree May 13, 2014, 9:07 am

    this article is just great!!! This is sooo informative..I would ike to share my personal experience in this connection..Regular practice makes our body so sensitive that whenever there is any energy blockages the two hands automatically goes to that place and we cn feel the warmth..it happens not jus during practice time but nytime..that feeling is soo relaxing that it releases the stress right away..

    • Haripriya Suraj May 13, 2014, 12:39 pm

      Dear Debashree,

      You are absolutely right! Thanks for sharing.

      Love & Light

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