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Meditation Technique for Cleansing Chakras: The Lightworker’s Way

In Reiki healing, it is important to keep your chakras balanced and cleaned. Residual energy in chakras create blockage in energy flow and can damage your chakras. For Reiki practitioners, it is important to keep their chakras clean to keep their energies vibrant and to get rid of plaque created within chakras from other negative energies or thoughts. Chakras are often blocked as a result of negative energy, incomplete belief, and negative thinking. Blocked chakras not only affect our emotional health, but are also cause of our dreadful physical health. Different Reiki masters use different techniques to cleanse their chakras. We already discussed “dry brushing” method on our blog. In this article, we will guide you about another chakra cleansing meditation technique called “The Lightworker’s way”.


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The Lightworker’s Way

  • Breathing. To start with, take a deep breath and keep inhaled air in your body for at least three to four seconds. Now exhale the air slowly and repeat the process of breathing for two to three minutes. (Remember: In breathing, we inhale though nose and exhale through mouth.)
  • Relax Yourself. Make sure to completely relax your body before mediating for cleansing chakras. With stressed and tense emotional and physical state, you can never achieve satisfactory results with any meditating technique. Make sure to release the tensions of your body into the ground. Focus that all the tension and stress in your body is flowing into the earth that will be later transformed into positive energy by mother earth. (Remember: Make sure to ground yourself properly before releasing your tension into mother earth)
  • The Ruby red Ball Meditation. Meditate about a ball in the beautiful shade of ruby red that is perfectly round and transparent. Feel that the ball is moving around inside your body. Make it float inside your body in your imagination. Focus that the ball is floating near your root chakra, that is, your spine base. (Remember: Root Chakra is centre of all 7 chakras. It is from where your strength and originality develop. Cleansing base chakra should be your priority)
  • Deep Meditation. Meditate deep to virtually sense the ball inside your body and near your base chakra. Find the dark areas that appear on the transparent ruby ball. These are blockages and chakra imbalances that appear on the ball. Now, wash the ball clean with the light energy and make it new. Feel that the ball is now perfectly clean before moving the ball around each chakra. (Remember: You can use anything in your imagination to wash the dark areas of the ball, a light, energy, or simply intend that it is cleaned)
  • Cover yourself in Light. Feel that the ruby ball floating inside you is now illuminated with pure universal white light of God. With deep breaths, you can increase the intensity of glowing white light of the red ball. Keep breathing heavily until the intense white light completely cleanses every dark spot of the ball. (Remember: You can clean remaining 6 chakras by moving around the ball near your chakras and repeating same steps. You can think of different color balls for different chakras)

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