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Manifesting Overseas Work Assignment with Reiki and Angels

One of my dreams was to work in my Investment banking role overseas. When I was in my MBA school itself I had decided I would want to work internationally. However, I graduated in 2007 when the financial service industry was on a brink of recession. I got my dream job in my dream company […] Read more

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7 Energy Care Tips for Energy Practitioners

Every day, we come in contact with numerous energies in the world around us. Some of these energies have a beneficial effect on us, while other energies act as a catalyst for anxiety, restlessness, and other such negative energy states. Many of us, energy workers, tend to lose ourselves in the sea of energies floating […] Read more

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Archangel Zadquiel and Releasing your Ancestors

Zadquiel is the guardian of Karma, for that he keeps the files and registers from people’s past lives, not only from every person but also from the human collective, from each community… He tries to resolve people’s karmic loads as his energy is related to forgiveness law. He runs the violet angels and transmutes the […] Read more

Harmonization with the Archangels

Each of us has four bodies. Our bodies must be harmonized to feel healthy and balanced and we have to care and nurture them. They are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each of them is related to one archangel and we can connect to each archangel to request them to help us in balancing them. […] Read more

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Transmuting with Reiki

Transmuting with Reiki

Often when giving a Reiki treatment we sense the release of ‘stuck’ energy, we often call these ‘blocks’ and I have also heard them referred to as ‘stagnant energy’, ‘fear based’ or ‘low energies’. I am a very visual person so I visualise a lot during treatments and can ‘see’ grey energy releasing from the […] Read more

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