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Creating Abundance in All Areas of Our Life

Most of us don’t understand the power behind the Law of Attraction or that our thoughts create the reality of what is our ‘Life situation’. Recently, I began working with the Law of Attraction on a regular basis and things began changing almost instantaneously for me. Working with the Law of Attraction might mean different […] Read more

Saving Money - Creativity and Fun

What kind of thoughts, emotions, and images pop up in your mind when you hear word ‘savings’. A few years back when I asked this question to myself for the very first time, images of a locker full of cash popped up in my mind; emotions were, oh I never have enough savings, it is […] Read more

Heal Your Relationships with Reiki and the Angels of Love

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” George Sand Broken relationships and families, unfortunately, have become a common aspect of modern society. We see people struggling in their relationships everywhere. Although, the thumb rule of the universe is that we descend and ascend from here individually, but does this […] Read more


Reiki Through Your Own Lens

Reiki Through Your Own Lens

As I sat down to write about Reiki today, so many topics went through my mind: using Reiki for sleep, Using Reiki on your children, Reiki for peace of mind, Reiki for exams….there are so many wonderful applications for Reiki. We can use Reiki in any situation as it works for the highest good. But […] Read more

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Weight Watch with Reiki During Festive Season

From October 10 festive season begins in India with Navratri followed by Dussehra and then Diwali in November. It is the time when people dress well, look good and also eat really good rich food. Then those jalebis consumed during dussehra and gujhiyas, ladoos and other sweetmeats show up on your waistline. Such festive times […] Read more

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