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Heal Your Relationships with Reiki and Angels of Love

Article by Aarti Seraphim

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” George Sand

Broken relationships and families, unfortunately, have become a common aspect of modern society. We see people struggling in their relationships everywhere. Although, the thumb rule of the universe is that we descend and ascend from here individually, but does this fact means to deprive ourselves of the love that we create and experience on this plane? The imagination and creation of the Ultimate are filled with divine beauty and love. Hence, to nurture the beauty and love becomes essential for all the reincarnated souls. Marriage is one of such methods (it is okay if you are a non-believer of marriage) that has helped to preserve the world. However, the article is not restricted to healing only marital bonds.

Even the Vedas describe the functionality and rituals of the wedding (one of the ‘samskaras’ or ‘rites of passage’), which affirm the significance of the unification of two souls on the materialistic plane. A family tree is created afterward, which runs the generations after generations. In today’s world folks appear to be creating new relations as mere bondage and not with the love that is resultant in broken families or injured companionships. Out of marital relations and sexual relationships are examples of such bonds that are based on needs and not on love. Today, I am sharing a self-experienced and tested healing method combining Angels with Reiki for mending and replenishing an injured relationship. Do remember, whatever that is injured can be healed!

Power of Unity

I have always found that uniting Reiki’s power with Archangels (the 8th powerful choir of the Angelic realm) amplifies the effect of a healing. The more spiritual forces are there to guide you the more you feel protected. I combine Reiki and Angels in almost everything I do that includes the daily chores, studies, exercise, and not to forget my spiritual practices. With the both, I feel stronger and possessing warrior like powers. Whether I am performing a Reiki session for self or others I invoke the presence of Angels to amplify the healing with their tools, or if I am taking up an Angel healing session I invite mother Reiki and her tools to help me. The method I am sharing in the article about healing your relationship with Reiki and Archangels of Love is self-tested and works miraculously. The practice is not limited to a romantic relationship but, all sorts of connections including your friends, parents, siblings, colleagues, pets and so on.

Heal Your Relationships with Reiki and the Angels of Love

What would you need?

All you require to execute the healing are a pure heart and a clear intention. You should choose a quiet place/room to meditate. Keep the lights of the room dim and turn on some soothing music (it helps). Keep the doors of the room open, if not completely then slightly. Do remember to cleanse yourself with the bright white mist bath. You can simply visualize the white mist ascending from the mother earth. It reaches upward cleansing you in the middle and dissolves in the white light. Start healing as soon as you feel completely cleansed.

Let’s Heal!

Create a protective shield around you in the white light of protection and pink light of unconditional love. Or you can ask for the protection from the divine. You can also ask your guardian angels and Archangel Michael to protect you during the course of the session. Now, proceed with the session as mentioned below-

  1. Sit in a meditative pose. Breathe normally and bring all your attention to the present. Invoke mother Reiki with the desired prayer or by uplifting her name.
  2. Draw one Cho-Ku-Rei and one Dai-Ko-Myo on both your palms. Rub your palms together. As the subtle heat charges from the center of your palms, transform it into a white energy ball.
  3. Now, visualize yourself and the person (with whom you wish to heal your relationship) in the energy ball. Draw one Cho-Ku-Rei, one Sei-He-Ki and one Dai-Ko-Myo on the ball. Keep your intention very clear for allowing the symbols to work. Let the symbols transfer their energies into the ball.
  4. Now call upon the Archangels of love. Recite the given prayer out loud or silently for invocation; “The Archangels of Love, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raguel and Archangel Jophiel, I call upon you now.”
  5. When you feel their presence (you might feel shudders in your body; huge divine figures with large feathers may appear to you) tell them the cause of your worry. Briefly, state your problem. (e.g My brother and I used to have a loving relationship. I do not understand where the things went wrong, but we are not in touch anymore. I wish to heal our loving bond and revive it.) Leave what to do and what not to do on the Reiki and the angels.
  6. Now, say the following aloud or silently:
    • Archangel Michael please remove the dark/evil energies from our relationship and protect it.
    • Archangel Raphael please heal our hearts and help us to let go of the pain of the disturbed past.
    • Archangel Chamuel please develop the unconditional love into our bond.
    • Archangel Raguel please harmonize our relationship resolving the conflicts between us.
    • Archangel Jophiel please beautify our bond inside out.
    • This or better, thank you.
      However, it is not necessary to address each archangel before every affirmation, once you have invoked them. The angels know their work and they know what to bestow you with, more than you do.
  7. Draw a Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen on the ball that would create a connection among the divine, you and the relative in the healing.
  8. Now release the energy ball to the universe by saying- “With my complete faith in mother Reiki and Archangels of love, I now release this energy ball to the universe.”
  9. When finished, give honor to mother Reiki and the angels by uplifting their name.
  10. Finish the healing asking Archangel Michael to sever the cords of attachment that may drain you. Sit for a while and allow Michael to do his work. You will realize when the process is completed (I feel it is done when my eyes begin to open themselves without any force).
  11. Finally, express gratitude to all the divine energies (God, holy spirit, angels, Reiki) and yourself.
  12. Do not forget to ground yourself afterward (imagine the roots from your soles or sole chakra reaching in the depth to mother earth) including a glass of water in the end.

Leave everything to the Universe and the divine, now. Do no latch yourself to the outcomes. Usually, the healing should not be restrained to time barriers, but you may do this exercise for 21 days minimum (twice a day), 40 days (once a day), and maximum as long as you want or until you achieve the results. The session usually lasts from ten to fifteen minutes. When things appear to be settled in your relation, you can continue with the practice for gratitude. But never latch yourself to fear.

Carry on with the practice with faith and affirmation, i.e think that I am practicing because I believe that angels and Reiki will always protect and empower my relationship instead of thinking I should continue healing or else my relationship will suffer. Have patience and show gratitude for every minor improvement you notice. Allow your miracle to come!

The materialistic plane is essential for the human to learn the value of give and take, maintaining the balance of Mother Earth. But, when love and relationships are too much condition based, they become only commodities. Thus, give and receive without conditions.

“The beauty of a relationship thrives on pure intentions, mutual respect, and unconditional love.”

Note: This healing process does not replace any medical treatment and works as an alternative therapy. The method is not going to help in attracting someone who is not meant for you and it will not work as a potion to influence or possessing someone. Healing modalities are a pure work of white light and work for your highest good.

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Aarti Seraphim
Aarti Seraphim

Aarti Seraphim is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Angels Therapist, and Tarot Card Reader. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from IGNOU Noida, India. Aarti is trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music and French Language. She works as a freelance writer. She idealizes love and peace as the sole purpose of the creator. She is inspired to enlighten the world about healing modalities and self-love. Her aspiration to restore love and peace in the world motivates her to use the blessings of lightwork for helping out those in need. You can reach her at reikiaarti777@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/AartiSeraphim777.

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  • Chanchal November 7, 2018, 7:05 am

    Very Nice Aarti!!

    • Aarti Seraphim November 9, 2018, 5:07 am

      Thank you Chanchal.

  • Nimisha Jagtap May 9, 2019, 9:32 am

    Hi Arati,

    Is it necessary to invoke the symbols I am only reiki 1 practitioner.


  • Janvi chavan April 19, 2020, 5:07 pm

    Please guide me sir. Agar husband bar bar bol Raha ki mujhe tujhse shadi Nahi karni thi mere maa bap NE kaha isiliye shadi ki. Tab kya Kare. Wo to bar bar mere har chij me galti nikalata rahta hai.

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