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Stress Management and Holistic Well-Being Techniques

What is Stress? Psychologists define it as a feeling of strain and pressure. But I would define it as the worst factor that causes lagging in our everyday performance and many health issues as well. Stress caused by many factors daily, studies, high expectations, or even something as simple as not having eaten for a […] Read More

Reiki as aide in mental health

Our current day-to-day lives are a constant race. We are always rushing, never taking a moment to stop and analyze our current state of mind. We don’t allow ourselves to process events or traumas because to show ourselves as vulnerable implies weakness. Stress, anxiety, and fear are very present in our day-to-day lives. We are […] Read More

Meditation Reiki House

I would love to share with all of you a very easy Reiki relaxation method that works wonders for people suffering from anxiety disorders, stress disorders, or who would just like a little bit of relaxation. Meditative Reiki House’s offer huge amounts of healing energy that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere. I use […] Read More

Relax Reiki

Article by Chyna Honey One of the more chronic problems affecting people today is something we either hear very little about or have sadly accepted as just the way things are. The problem inherent in this unacknowledged acceptance is that it limits our access to better information and so keeps us struggling with this common, chronic […] Read More


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