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Inside a Reiki Session

Article by Patti Deschaine

“Welcome! Come in. We are going to be in here today,” I say, as I lead my new client, Ester Harkins, back to the treatment room, or the Reiki room, as I call it.

This is Ester’s first ever Reiki session. I notice she seems hesitant, a little nervous. Her eyes shift around taking in my small office. I get the feeling she might bolt for the door at any moment. I smile in a way that I hope is reassuring and lead her down the hall.

Ester has already completed some basic paperwork online. She has issues with shoulder pain and stress, that she refers to as “chronic”. From the information she provided, I know she is an account representative in a large, local insurance agency and lives nearby. When she called to make the appointment, a short discussion filled in the blanks. Besides her work schedule, she is scheduling around her husband and two school age children. Clearly, Ester has a busy life with plenty of opportunities for stress and pressure related anxiety.

Ester is a referral from one of my regular clients, so she has some idea of what Reiki is all about. Even so, I can tell she is not sure she wants to be here. She glances at her watch, “Jill said this will be an hour? I have to pick up the kids at 4:00.”

“Yes, we have an hour today and we will end right on time. You can put your things here,” I said indicating the chair in the corner. Other than the treatment table and a small credenza that holds a salt lamp and a selection of crystals and oils, this is pretty much the only furniture in the room. The colors here are muted and soothing. There is one small window letting in sunlight through gauzy white curtains. If you were to step over and pull the curtain aside, you would see a large willow tree, it’s branches gracefully sweeping to the ground. Barely a hint of it is visible through the curtain.

Ester sets her purse on the chair. The weather is warm today and she wears only a light sweater which she leaves on.

“Please make yourself comfortable. You can take off your shoes if you’d like and hop up on the table.” I give the table a pat with my hand. Ester slips her ankle boots off and sits on the tables’s soft woven blanket. Her stocking feet brush the small step provided for easier access. Her eyes shift to the pillow, covered by a fresh sheet, then back to me.

It’s the right shoulder that’s giving you discomfort?“ I ask.

“Yes. It’s not a big deal though – It’s only when I have to lift something heavy that I even notice it.”

I nod, knowing from her paperwork that it is a recent issue and not terribly troublesome. She described it as a recurring, intermittent ache that is more annoying than painful.

Inside a Reiki Session

“Would you like me to use essential oils or crystals for the session?”

“Do you have lavender?”

“I do”, I say smiling. I move to the credenza and chose the bottle. I will incorporate this into the session by rubbing it on my hands and allowing Ester to breathe it in as I work around her face, neck, and shoulders. “For relaxation along with the lavender, you might like to try a rose quartz on your heart. If you like that idea, we can add an amethyst above your head?”

“Thanks, sound lovely. I have crystals at home, but I never think to use them.” Having made her selections, she lays down on the table. “Make yourself comfortable. For the next hour, you can simply relax.” I lay the stones and move behind her and allow Reiki to flow through my hands. I hold my hands on either side of the face without touching her. “This is what Reiki energy feels like. The treatment can be hands off, like this, or I can place my hands directly on you, like this.” I let my hands rest gently on her shoulders. “Which would you prefer?”

“Hands on will be fine.” Feeling the warmth from my hands, Ester takes a deep breath and visibly relaxes, her eyes close. “That feels nice.”

For the next hour we are quiet, allowing the energy to do its work. Reiki will flow exactly to where it is needed to clear any blocked energy that causes pain, discomfort or “dis-ease”- anything that interferes with Ester’s body’s own ability to heal itself. I start with her head and move down to her feet, then back up. The energy is not mine personally. It is universal Reiki energy that I have been attuned to by a Reiki Master – several in fact, as I am attuned to a few different variations or styles of energy. Ester won’t pick up any of my personal energy, nor will I pick up anything from her. Also, I will not become tired. I am simply a conduit, allowing the energy to flow through my hands.

The time goes by quickly. The session has been typical. Other than feeling a density, a coolness, in Ester’s sore shoulder, I find no issues. After spending some time on the shoulder, I feel it release. The density and coolness have dissipated, and it feels more in balance with the rest of Ester’s body. Ester has been very still. She is in a deeply relaxed state.

“Okay, Ester. We are done.” I say quietly so as not to startle her.

Ester make a little surprised “ha” sound as she rouses. “The time went by so fast!” Slowly she moves into a sitting position, stretching a little as she does.

“Oh, my goodness,” she says, “that was wonderful! I don’t think I have ever been that relaxed.” She does look relaxed, much more so than when she arrived.

“That’s great. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. How’s the shoulder feeling?”

Moving her arm to test out the mobility, Ester replies, “Better, I think.” She tests the movement further. “Yes, I would say much better. I feel really good. I definitely want to come back.”

“Of course, let’s get you an appointment.”

Note: Reiki sessions will vary according to the client preferences and the practitioner’s own methods, capabilities and intuition. Ester is, of course, not an actual person and this is an article of fiction based on my own experience.

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Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, and owner of Maja Energy Works and Reiki Healing. She resides and practices in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys all types of Reiki and particularly loves using Reiki on animals. Patti can be found at http://majaenergyworksandreikihealing.com and https://www.facebook.com/MajaEnergyWorks.

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