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What is Psychic Attack?

What is Psychic Attack

The unknown instills fear. A term like ‘psychic attack’ unfortunately triggers much fear among many, which is a pity because fear only enhances the grip it has on you. If we knew nothing about viruses, they would seem just as scary – imagine being told that ‘there are tiny organisms that you cannot see which […] Read more


Reiki is Spiritual Healing

Reiki Spiritual Healing

Reiki is often viewed as a path of alternate healing. This is because Reiki is sometimes spoken about in the context of medical healing – where we have allopathic medicine as the conventional form of treatment and a bunch of other therapies (including Reiki) which are viewed as alternate or complementary in nature. While this […] Read more

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Reiki Energy Walk

Reiki Energy Walk

Reiki has been described as a universal life energy that permeates the universe. It is always available, existing in all times and places. Through our attunements to Reiki levels I, II and Master, we learn to become expressions for this universal life energy, acting as clear conduits for this force to flow where it is […] Read more


Reiki for World Crises

Reiki for World Crises

In the past few days, there have been numerous news reports on the effects of the earthquake in Nepal. It is a devastating tragedy, as homes, businesses and villages have been totally demolished, and the numbers of those who died and those injured continue to rise, hour by hour. While we know that Reiki energies […] Read more

Healers in Atlantis Were You One

Atlantis was a subcontinent located between Europe and America. It holds special significance for the healing community as people in Atlantis are supposed to have been powerful healers. Many clairvoyant healers of today have taken a peek into the past and have received information that may help us understand life in Atlantis. Here I present […] Read more