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solar plexus

Reiki, Sacral Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

Chakras are the center of energy in the astral body and are the six subtle sub center of psychic energy in the body where psychic forces and physical functions merge with and interact with each other. When the mind is concentrated on any of these chakras, one will experience a sensation that may be cool […] Read more


The Cries of the Inner Child

The Cries of the Inner Child

Yesterday, I saw the Fred Roger’s movie “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. As someone who works in children’s television myself, I have always admired his work and how he pioneered this medium with such intention, to be sure that children were respected and treated with kindness. As a child, I remember feeling so comforted by […] Read more

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The Color Yellow

The Color Yellow

There is nothing better than the warmth and comfort on a bright, sunny day. The yellow rays emanating from the sun stimulate our bodies and fill our souls with lively awareness of the goodness in our world. The emotion, and the knowledge, of “all is well” permeate our being. The color yellow is an active, […] Read more

The 15-minute Reiki Energy Booster Therapy through Solar Plexus

Article by Nikita Dudani Energy is what keeps us going through our busy schedule and routine work. Many times, we feel low or unenergetic because the energy flow within our body decreases. It can be due to various reasons such as lack of sleep, tiredness, bottled emotions, negative thoughts and feelings, stress, tension, or anger. Even […] Read more

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