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Spread the Reiki Smile Wave

Reiki Smile

In today’s world, all over the places, you will find unhappiness, sadness, enviousness, jealousy and many other synonyms of negativity. Even people with all power, money or fame are also unsatisfied and, therefore, sad in their lives. People are more attracted to negativity and controversies than positivity. There could be so many reasons behind this. […] Read more


Being a Reiki Angel on Earth

Being a Reiki Angel on Earth

Many of us Reiki healers integrate Angel Healing with Reiki. We take the assistance of the angels all the time. We enjoy being cared for and loved unconditionally by these Higher Beings. We are empowered by the loving warmth that envelops us when the angels shine their light upon us. Can we also make the […] Read more


Smiling has an interesting effect: it’s contagious! Smile, and the Universe will smile back. Here are 7 excellent times to smile. 1. Smile at everyone you meet, before you speak to them. Reiki your relationship. 2. Smile when hearing hurtful criticism. Remember that it’s not personal, it’s just that person’s way of saying things and […] Read more