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Spread the Reiki Smile Wave

Article by Dhwani Parikh

In today’s world, all over the places, you will find unhappiness, sadness, enviousness, jealousy and many other synonyms of negativity. Even people with all power, money or fame are also unsatisfied and, therefore, sad in their lives. People are more attracted to negativity and controversies than positivity. There could be so many reasons behind this. But as a Reiki healer, we have a responsibility to heal not only diseases but also spread the wave of happiness.

As a Reiki healer, whenever I see people are not happy for any reasons, I really feel sad and I tried to understand this. Why are the people unhappy even after having all? There are many people unhappy due to lack of the basic needs. We can help them as much as we can. And we can be happy by having the satisfaction we gain by helping. Sometimes, we are not able to help everyone, but at least we can smile. Smiling and making the other back to smile will bring at least some satisfaction. Smiling also indicates that you are happy in the present. Here the law of attraction will come in the action and it will bring more things in life which create more smiles. Furthermore, smiling indicates to the universe that you want to be happy and that will bring more causes to be happy. So, spreading smiles and not helping in terms of money or other means, also indirectly brings more reasons to smile as the universe see the smile and sends more.

Sadness goes viral. It starts from one and spreads around. In a similar way, if we send laughter, it goes viral. If you see smiling one person, you cannot stop and always smile back. Also, this will bring satisfaction in life and additionally, happiness comes along with satisfaction. So, if we see in a long vision, we are creating a strong positive wave of lots of smiles started from a small smile. As a Reiki healer, if we take this responsibility and start spreading this viral laughter, we can at least improve some people’s day at least. By incorporating simple techniques in our daily lives with our daily Reiki practice and spreading it virally so, we can see cheers ubiquitously.

Reiki Smile

There are some simple tricks we can entangle with our routine so this smile could be spread.

Reiki Chits

Every Reiki practitioner uses Reiki chits for the normal Reiki practice. So, whenever we create new Reiki chit, after completion of writing and visualizing, smile genuinely. Draw a smiley on your chit and see that you achieved your goal with lots of happiness.

During Healing

Whenever you are taking Reiki or healing someone, maintain a gentle smile on your face and be grateful for this big responsibility given by becoming a Reiki Channel. After every healing, show the gratefulness with the smile.

During Attunement

Whenever you are getting and giving Reiki attunement, maintain the pleasant gesture to get the best out of it.

With Symbols

Whenever we are being grateful with something, it will be received in abundance. The same way, be grateful with all the symbols. Gradually, you will notice, you are having more power with the same symbols.

Greet Each Person You Meet

I can understand that many of us are introverts. Still, greeting each person you meet and talk with the smile will bring more happiness. And you can achieve this with practice. Also, this will bring some satisfaction.

Send unconditional Smiley

After completing your any Reiki meditation, send a lot of Reiki smiley. You can use the emotional symbol to increase the effectiveness. Visualize a smile symbol, charge it with your Reiki meditation and put the emotional symbol on that and send that in the air for the people. If you are master or teacher, your energy is so powerful; you can send millions of them at a time.

Laugh at yourself

The last but not the least, whenever you make some mistakes laugh at them. That will help you to overcome it. Another thing, don’t forget. Smile every day to yourself whenever you get ready for the day and see in the mirror. And also, every time you see yourself in the mirror. As if you become happy and cheerful, you can smile at others genuinely and spread this smile wave.

Make yourself promise that you will make smile at least 3 other people daily before going to bed. And this will make you more powerful not only in terms of healing but also as a human being. To recapitulate, we are creating a very strong smile wave in this world started from a small smile.

Lots of Love and Light,


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Dhwani Parikh
Dhwani Parikh

Founder & CEO of Race is Not Over, Astrologer, motivational speaker, counselor, pharmacist & Reiki Master Dhwani Parikh is the founder of "Race is Not Over" and a pharmacist by profession, attuned to master level Reiki. She has started her journey with Reiki nearly 14 years ago. She has given at least 4-6 Reiki healing sessions per week globally from these many years. She is an astrologer and gives remedies based on planetary positions combined with Reiki healing. She has an in-depth understanding of chakras, natural healing, energy healing, effect of planetary position on Reiki energy and healing. She has travelled across 18 countries. She is voracious reader and university topper in her studies. She has reduced 14+kgs of weight using Reiki and natural remedies. Also, consulted for weight management and healthy living successfully. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
You can reach Dhwani on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover/

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  • Dhruv Gajjar November 4, 2015, 2:16 pm

    just Like you spread smiles in my life 🙂 keep smiling

  • Veena Vijay November 5, 2015, 11:31 pm

    Hi Dhwani,

    Thank you for this beautiful article. I’m a Reiki practitioner too and as you’ve mentioned I always write smiley and also heart symbols as guided by my intuition on the chits. This method has shown more miracles.

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