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COVID-19: A Spiritual Perspective & Three Prayers

We are living in challenging times. As energy healers, it is vital for us to take things in perspective and to remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. From a physical perspective, the onset of COVID-19 is seen as a ‘global health crisis.’ From a spiritual perspective, we could say that Mama Earth […] Read more

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Get Out of Burnt Out Syndrome with Reiki

Life challenges us to step out of our comfort zones. It is necessary for our growth – mental, emotional and spiritual. As we move forward and overcome day to day challenges, we forget the importance of rest and relaxation. In 2020, I have met many clients who complain of feeling burnt out. They are not […] Read more

Shift the Energy Reiki Calendar - April 2020

A printable PDF version of this calendar is available for FREE to all our subscribers. Subscribe below to download it. If you are already subscribed just insert your email address and we will send you the PDF. For more inspiring insights on completing these daily tasks, you can check out the articles shared below: Day […] Read more

How Reiki Empowers You to Say No

I’ve always connected “Yes” to positivity and “No” to negativity. It took me a couple of decades to come to terms with my power to say no to people and things that pulled me down from my highest best. A Reiki healer understands this concept throughout their journey with Reiki. It’s not about cutting off […] Read more

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