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Giving Reiki Treatments with a Partner

Chujiro Hayashi taught that more than one Reiki practitioner could give a treatment to a person. He would have clients lie on a table and receive Reiki from several practitioners at one time. This is a practice that I have not been taught in Reiki. However, once a month, I participate in a Reiki Clinic […] Read more

What Does Animal Reiki Look Like?

Animals respond and experience energy differently to humans, this has created a very different treatment sequence to their human counterparts. It is common for our at-home animals to gatecrash human treatments, take what they need and then move away. Or to get on top of their humans to bask in the energy with their humans! […] Read more

How to Help Pregnant Women Trust in Reiki

Receiving Reiki during pregnancy is a beautiful blessing for both mother and growing baby. The nurturing and healing vibration of Reiki can be exactly what a woman needs at this time, but the question of safety for the baby is almost always a concern. How can we communicate Reiki in a way that assures pregnant […] Read more

A Veteran’s First Reiki Treatment

Article by Jeff Baird “Dude! It’s kinda creepy. I ain’t lyin’. It’s like my pain is blocked. It’s gone. It’s weird man. I guess this is what it feels like to be relaxed.” He was a veteran and had just had his first Reiki treatment. It was a thorough session with a lot of work […] Read more

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