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Chair Reiki – An Alternate Practice Method

Although most Reiki practitioners enjoy treating clients in a comfortable and leisurely Reiki session, there are times when a full-length Reiki treatment on a table, complete with soft music and dim lights, is impractical or impossible. These situations can raise concerns as to the efficacy of a treatment. However, all Reiki practitioners know that the […] Read more

2019 Numerology Predictions for Reiki Practitioners

Numerology is a study of numbers, number patterns, and its energetic relationships. It is a practical tool for understanding yourself deeper as well as your relationships with others. Traditionally, numerology focuses on an individual’s birth date, but what we can also do is look at the overall energy theme for each year and get a […] Read more

Helping Others by Helping Yourself: Reiki and Compounding Energy

Article by Lourdes Lebron Like many Reiki practitioners, you may be empathic or sensitive to energy. Because of this, you may tend to put the needs of your client first and focus solely on their comfort. What you may not realize is that this can actually cause less Reiki to flow to the client. The […] Read more

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Creating World Harmony

Creating World Harmony

Can we Reiki practitioners create a world of harmony? Absolutely! But, there are needed practices to create this reality. Let’s examine what steps each of us can take, to be a part of this new reality. Because thoughts, emotions, and actions are necessary to create change in our lives, these same elements are required to […] Read more

Ganesha's Success Blessings Empowerment

On the eve of Diwali, I thought of letting all Reiki fellow practitioners about a beautiful modality I have been working with for a long time. Ganesha’s Success Blessings Empowerment is a wonderful modality that has been Channeled and copyrighted by Daelyn Wolf. This attunement connects you to Ganesha and to your higher self for […] Read more