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2019 Numerology Predictions for Reiki Practitioners

Article by Corie Chu

Numerology is a study of numbers, number patterns, and its energetic relationships. It is a practical tool for understanding yourself deeper as well as your relationships with others.

Traditionally, numerology focuses on an individual’s birth date, but what we can also do is look at the overall energy theme for each year and get a sense of what we ALL be experiencing more of in a yearly basis. You can see it as our common ground. This also means we all share common areas for healing.

In Numerology, we work mainly work with numbers 1-11. Any number above 11 gets reduced to a single digit number. For example, the number “12” would be viewed as single digits and added together: 1+2 = 3.

2019 carries the global energy of the number “3” and it really kicks in harder at the end of January/February.

How is this calculated?

We breakdown 2019 and add each number individually. Then we reduce any number above 11 again by splitting the number up and adding it individually again:
2+0+1+9= 12
1+2 = 3

What does this mean (for practitioners/clients)?

Here’s a list of 6 things you can look out for according to numerology for Reiki in 2019:

  1. Cultivate or nurture a positive mind, the key is happiness.
    As Marie Kondo suggests “Ask yourself, does this spark joy?” A “3” carries a very happy, go with the flow energy. However, it can put us in extreme moods, so be hyper self-aware, that way you/your client won’t offend people by mistake or become someone you’re not so proud of.
  2. Host Reiki circles
    In general, more people will be open to joining group activities, so create a Reiki circle for your neighborhood is there isn’t one. Set a limit to the number of participants if you are the only Reiki practitioner on site so it’s easier to hold space.
  3. Get creative with your Reiki practice
    Remember, Reiki is like a “sandbox” so it’s safe to experiment. If you don’t feel like you’re connecting as strongly today compared to yesterday, try do Reiki the opposite way of how you usually do (i.e. physically application to non-physical, start from the root instead of the crown, make different kind of Reiki symbol sandwiches.)
  4. Create healthy boundaries and practice them
    The happy-go lucky “3” energy can make us overexcited to say “yes” to everything so take a step back, reflect and see if you truly want to say “yes”. And if so, why? Is it in alignment to you and your intentions? Also, double-check that you won’t burn yourself out by saying “yes” again. Make sure you have strong boundaries!
  5. Reiki healing areas
    Focus more on mental health healing and healing the inner child. Both areas will likely need a lot more attention this year. Apply healing longer in the Solar Plexus, Crown and Root chakras.
  6. Animal Reiki
    “3” is also the number for children and pets, so it’s perfect to practice Reiki on them. RMT’s (Reiki Master Teachers) may even consider attuning their pets.

Keep in mind that you/your client’s personal year number may be different from the global year number “3” so you may have another number to synergize with the “3”.

Find your personal year number by adding your birth month, day of birth and this year (2019) all together as individual numbers: i.e. January 13, 2019 (1/13/2019) -> 1+1+3+2+0+1+9= 8

However, since we’re all living in 2019, we’re all experiencing number 3’s energy so that will create some shared experiences. To get a short reference of what the numbers in numerology mean, please read my previous article “Combining Numerology with Reiki”.

Here’s to a happy “3” year for all!

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Corie Chu

Corie Chu

Corie is a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerology Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and Wellness Community Builder. She often blends in her other trainings as a Certified Personal Development Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader, Akashic Records Consultant, Crystal Healer, Shamanism, and Dance into her practice. Corie specializes in Reiki Numerology treatments, a powerful combination of deep self-discovery, reflection, and healing. To reach Corie, or to learn more about her online consultations, treatments, and trainings, you can email her at hello@coriechu.com or visit her website coriechu.com. Her practice, Corie Chu Healing can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Kathleen Johnson May 25, 2019, 2:14 pm

    Love this article Corie! Reiki and Numerology is a fascinating blend- thank you!

  • Emma September 15, 2019, 3:49 pm

    Thanks for this very informative article Corie. I haven’t really explored Reiki in the past and now i find it very interesting. I learned the deeper connection between Reiki and numerology. Could we also use Reiki in analyzing the path to healthy relationship?

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